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William Hill Sportsbook is operating under its brand name in Canada now. Their reputation in the U.K. and the U.S. will certainly translate into Canada. Users can expect them to consistently offer great value to new bettors in the Canadian market — a worthy addition to your betting portfolio in the Great White North.

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William Hill Mobile App Key Takeaways June 2024

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🍁 William Hill Canadian Provinces:

Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island

🏉 William Hill Sports Offered:

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, UFC/MMA, NASCAR, Golf, College Football, College Basketball, Canadian Football, and more.

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June 13, 2024

William Hill Canada Review Summary
  • Mobile App & Website

    William Hill's app is easy to navigate, fast and user-friendly to bettors. We have heard that at times it can freeze or be slow during peak hours, but we've generally had little problems with it. Most books are better on web than app, but William Hill provides a pleasant experience on both mediums.

  • Registering & Cashiering

    We haven't had issues depositing or withdrawing funds at William Hill in our tests, but we have received some user feedback about period challenges in the withdrawal process. That's something we'll continue to test and keep our eyes on, but in general, William Hill is a book you can trust with your money.

  • Betting Options

    William Hill Canada offers good in-game betting options, although their markets aren't quite as expansive as some other books.

  • William Hill Canada vs Other Sportsbooks

    William Hill is going to be one of the major players in the growing Canadian market betting space for years to come, especially with their roots in England. They are reliable and provide a good site and app for users; the biggest knock on them is that their prices for bets are definitely on the high side vs. their competitors.

William Hill Canada Sportsbook: Mobile App Review

Sports betting is very tough — you're trying to predict the future, after all, and there are a ton of variables. Making things more difficult is that it costs money to place bets: All sportsbooks worldwide charge a "vig" — also known as the juice or tax — on each bet. A 50% win rate will cause you to lose money long-term. That's why taking advantage of promos, odds boosts, and +EV situations is so vital, especially for new bettors just getting into the space. William Hill is one of the stronger books to help customers do just that.

Earn up to $250 in free bets using promo code CAN250.

As the largest retail sportsbook in America, William Hill is looking to expand its success in Canada. The sportsbook is currently available in Ontario. As one of the most established sportsbooks in the world, the book has less to do with winning over customers who are already familiar with the brand.

Mobile App & Website star star star star

All in all, William Hill provides a good site and app for bettors.

Web Experience

One thing you'll notice right away on William Hill's main sportsbook page is that it's not littered with a ton of odds boosts, promos, and links off to casino pages or advertisements; those things are all pretty common with other major Canadian books.

They rely on simplicity, which is nice for bettors who want to log on and find a bet quickly to make. The navigation is straightforward to use: You can quickly identify a market, and the site and app are fast to load.

They also provide a solid live betting experience, displaying the score at the top of each game's market page, so you know what's going on in that game at all times. They also offer interesting in-game markets, which are becoming more and more popular in U.S. betting.

William Hill sportsbook app positive factorsThe Action Network's Positives:

    • Easy bet slip functionality. It's effortless to find a bet and quickly get down your money at William Hill. On a Sunday morning where you have many things going on, that's a nice bonus.
    • User interface and navigation. Among the major Canadian sportsbooks, William Hill has one of the more user-friendly sites and apps. It's not cluttered with advertisements and odds boosts, and it's elementary to find the sport and bet you want to make.
    • Live to bet. William Hill has been around for a long time in Europe, where live or "in-game" betting is prevalent. We expect it'll grow in popularity in Canada over time, and William Hill provides a nice experience in those markets.


    William Hill sportsbook app negative feedbackThe Action Network's Negatives:

      • Occasional glitching and freezing. Some users have heard reports that the site/app can be a little glitchy at times, either on the log-in screen or during peak hours like an NFL Sunday morning. It doesn't seem to be a common problem, but it's frustrating when it happens.
      • App customer support. While William Hill gets a bonus for offering a live chat function for users — and that's not the case for all books — it doesn't function with their app. You have to navigate to their mobile website to use it.
      • Not available in British Colombia & Québec. Users from Canada's second and third-most populous provinces are unable to use the sportsbook.


      Registering & Cashiering star star star star

      Signing up for a William Hill account won't take you more than a few minutes. Each sportsbook and state is different due to company policies or state-by-state regulation and betting legislation that have different rules. In general, William Hill has standard deposit and withdrawal options in line with the rest of the industry.

      Account Creation Requirements

      If William Hill can’t verify your identity using your full name, email, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number these details, you may be asked to submit other proof of identity, like a photo of your license or passport. Generally, the verification process has been smooth in our testing.

      How to Sign Up at William Hill Canada

      Ready to claim that awesome new customer bonus? It'll just take a minute to sign up.

      Step 1. Click here to visit William Hill Canada. Click "Join" in the top right corner.

      Step 2. Enter your personal details:

      • Full Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Email
      • Mobile Number
      • Home Address

      Step 3. Enter your login details:

      • Create a Username
      • Create a Secure Password
      • Set Security Question and Answer
      • Select Currency
      • Choose a Deposit Limit (ex. daily, weekly, monthly)
      • Agree to Terms & Conditions

      Then, you're ready to deposit and get betting!


      William Hill Registration form

      Payout Speed

      One of the biggest advantages of betting with William Hill or any other legal Canadian book is the customer protections put in place. Each book is regulated by some state-wide body — typically a casino commission, although some states are run by the lottery board — which means there are stringent rules put in place to protect your information and money. You also never have to worry about being defrauded or getting your withdrawals.

      William Hill has every payout and deposit option in the book, including:

      • Bank account
      • Debit card/credit card
      • PayPal
      • PayNearMe
      • Prepaid William Hill card (Play+)
      • Casino cage
      • eCheck

      Spending Controls

      Most legal sportsbooks have self-imposed limiting controls in place, and William Hill is no different. These are effective ways to stop yourself from betting too much if it’s becoming a problem or to be proactive about setting healthy limits for yourself. We recommend configuring whatever setup helps you maintain responsible limits and educating yourself. The controls William Hill offers include: 

      • Deposit and spend limits: Limit your deposits and wagers by day, week, or month of the year.
      • Daily time limit: You can set the maximum amount of time you want to allow yourself to be logged into your account.
      • Cool-off period: Prevent yourself from depositing or placing bets for a set time while still accessing the app.

      Deposit Options

      It's straightforward to deposit into your William Hill account and place your first bet. From a tech perspective, William Hill's mobile app isn't the most sophisticated, but it's among the most reliable sportsbook apps.

      In addition to the William Hill-provided resources, The Action Network has developed bankroll management educational materials to help ensure bettors have fun and establish sustainable behavior.

      Betting Options & Sports Market Coverage star star star star star

      William Hill won't blow you away with the number of markets they list, but they're consistent with all of the ones that most bettors would be interested in. They have a more expansive live betting product than some other books, likely because of their veteran status in the industry — they've been around for a while, and they originated in Europe, where in-game betting is more common than the U.S. and Canada currently. All in all, you likely won't be disappointed with what you can bet on at William Hill.

      Bet types available

      William Hill is pretty standard for most major Canadian books. They offer the major markets like spreads and totals for NFL games while also listing various game and player props and other niche markets.

      And again, you'll find all of the popular, standard bets you can get at any sportsbook — point spreads, totals, moneyline, first half derivatives, etc. These include:

      Point Spreads. Spread betting is a bet on the margin of victory in a game.

      Moneylines. Moneyline betting is when you pick the winner of the game or event.

      First Half & Second Half Bets. Halves let a bettor treat the first half and the second half as separate matches. Downloading our app can help you do this with ease.

      Totals. A total, also known as an over/under, is a bet on the number of points both teams will combine to score in a game.

      Player Prop Bets. A prop bet, short for a proposition, wager that is not directly tied to the final score or outcome.

      Futures. Future bets are a bet on an event that will be decided in the future (e.g., end-of-season results).

      Sports Markets Offered

      In general, William Hill isn't going to open markets — AKA be the first book in the world to list odds for an event — but that only matters for a small percentage of bettors. They are competitive in their offerings for sports, and they stand out as one of the better books for live betting. In addition to pregame bets, William Hill also offers live wagering on many sports like the NFL, NBA, soccer and more. There are tons of other bet types within each sport, whether it's prop bets, alternate lines on spreads, in-game opportunities and more.

      William Hill Canada vs. Other Sportsbooks star star star 

      While sign-up offers, promos and user experience are crucial factors in selecting a sportsbook, the most sophisticated bettors are often worried about the price. We can compare books in this regard a couple of ways:

      • Juice: The " vig " is also referred to as the “vig,” this is the tax a sportsbook charges for a bet. The standard odds for a spread bet is -110, which means you have to pay $110 to win $10. That extra $10 is the tax.
      • Hold: Like the juice, the hold is defined as the percentage a sportsbook keeps for every dollar wagered. It’s a better metric to measure for moneylines, for example.

      Most online U.S. books — in states where betting is entirely online and not regulated by the state lottery, at least — have standard juice on your typical bets. Take, for example, the juice on spread bets for the NFL. There’s no major difference between sportsbooks: Getting -110 on both sides is commonplace for both the spread and the over/under.

      However, in terms of hold on moneylines and futures, William Hill Canada is on the higher side compared to most other sportsbooks. Further, when you look at non-major markets — think player or game props, for example — the juice can be pretty steep. Again, -110 is commonplace for major markets, and some books will even offer those odds for prop bets and more niche markets, although -115 is fairly standard. William Hill, for reference, often offers those at -118/-120 either way or higher.

      If you're just interested in betting the major markets at a reputable, good-to-use book, William Hill certainly qualifies. If you like diving into more niche markets, note that you'll be paying a higher price than some other places.

      William Hill Customer Service

      William Hill’s customer service team is available 24/7 by phone or on their live chat function on their website.

      Steve Petrella is a senior editor for The Action Network covering college football, among other things. He's a Penn State grad now based in Atlanta who enjoys great punting, clock-killing drives and turnovers in the red zone.

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