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PointsBet Acquired by Fanatics

In a splash move last year, Fanatics acquired PointsBets' U.S. assets for $225 million. As Pointsbet Sportsbook has dwindled operations in the U.S., we at Action Network no longer have them as one of our preferred sportsbooks. Please instead read our Fanatics Sportsbook promo code review, where you can currently Bet and Get Up to $1000 in Bonus Bets! at Fanatics Sportsbook today!

PointsBet Sign Up Process

PointsBet New User Key Takeaways June 2024

Bonus Offer Details

No PointsBet welcome offer available

Play at Fanatics Instead! 

PointsBet Available Legal States


PointsBet Pros

Innovative bet types, sleek interface

PointsBet Cons

Confusing navigation, poor average market pricing, mediocre bet slip

Last Verified On

June 23, 2024

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What to Bet on Today at PointsBet:

Promotions for Existing Users

PointsBet is an industry leader with offers as they regularly offer great weekly or daily bonuses. They often run creative promotions where you can bet popular sides and totals at reduced or no juice.

Ongoing PointsBet Promos

Take a look at the ongoing PointsBet Promos:

Same Game Parlay Combo

  • Combine SGP's with single legs for bigger parlay wins. Maximize your odds and conquer the Same Game Parlay scene.

Same Game Parlay Booster 

  • Enhance your customized Same Game Parlay! Customize it your way, daily. Get 1 boost on a Same Game Parlay every day!

How to Sign Up for PointsBet

PointsBet's registration process is straightforward, but you can sign up with Fanatics instead. It's a seamless process since PointsBet is now a Fanatics experience! Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Click here to visit Fanatics and select your state. If you'd rather sign up with PointsBet but not take advantage of a new user sign-up offer, keep reading.

Step 2. Enter your location and personal details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Last Four Digits of your SSN
  • Mobile Number
  • Home Address
  • Create a Secure Password
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (must be 21+ years old)

Step 3. Click "join" or "sign up" and your account is now registered! You are ready to make your first deposit and bet! The app will show you a grid of featured games on the home screen to choose from, or you can navigate to specific leagues to find something to bet on. 

Step 4. Clicking on a bet cell will open the bet slip Quick Bet option, where users can enter their wager amount and place their bet instantly. For those looking to add more than one bet to their slip, utilize the "Start Parlay" feature to add more games. Depending on your preference, you can bet on each matchup individually or together as a parlay. 

Step 5. After placing your bet, sit back and wait for the results. If your bet wins, you'll receive bonus bets to your account for the "Payout" total. Your account will not change if your bet loses.

PointsBet Registration

On the whole, PointsBet is a book you can trust with your money when signing up and depositing. We haven't heard of or experienced any issues, and payments are usually accepted and sent out in a very timely manner — within a couple of days but often even more quickly.

Where is PointsBet U.S. Available?

In 2023, Fanatics purchased PointsBet U.S. for $225 million, officially taking over the Australian sportsbook's operations in the U.S. All legal states that PointsBet operating in have now been replaced by Fanatics.

Stay up to date and keep track of all of the states with legal sports betting to see what the status of legal online sports betting is in your location.

PointsBet Mobile App Screenshots

PointsBet Mobile App & Website Experience

Overall, PB's app and site stand out as a robust mobile sportsbook option within the industry. Daily odds boosts, promotions, and the most popular betting markets are smartly organized on the homepage, making things user-friendly for new and seasoned bettors.

PointsBet Mobile App Review

Meet the Action Network Sportsbook Review Team for PointsBet

Action Network thoroughly evaluated the PointsBet sportsbook through in-house testing, data analysis, and input from experienced handicappers. Their scope of review entailed both the desktop and mobile app platforms with a specific focus on key categories such as usability, market coverage, and pricing/value offerings.

Vegas Refund Logo The Vegas RefundTwitter Logo

The Vegas Refund is an experienced bettor with 6.2K total bets in the Action App and 112.1K app followers (as of June 2024). Favorable pick records include NFL, NBA, NCAAF, and NCAAB. 

Steven Petrella Headshot Steve Petrella 

Steve Petrella is a lead Action Editor with an affinity for NHL and College Football Betting. He is also the author of much of the educational content on Action Network.

Dane Martinez Logo Dane Martinez Twitter Logo

 Dane Martinez was a former educator and statistics-driven betting fanatic, who also hosted the Action Network YouTube channel. He created a PointsBet mobile app video review to outline the platform's pros, cons, and general user experience.

Mobile App Review Categories

PointsBet has been one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the United States since 2019. Their app provides a compelling overall user experience, which we anticipate will help it continue to grow as new states begin to legalize online sports betting in the future.

We looked at key categories that make or break an excellent sportsbook app. Here's how PointsBet compares to other sportsbooks in the following areas:

Logging In

How easy is it to sign in to PointsBet?

A quick sign-in to a sportsbook is the difference between getting a last-minute wager placed--so apps need to have a streamlined process to authenticate you. PointsBet offers a Face ID login option so users can get into the app quickly.

PointsBet does remember user email addresses, or users can enable a pin login to speed things up. It is worth noting that the iPhone Autofill feature was inconsistent throughout our tests, increasing the amount of time it took us to get into PointsBet.

One feature we saw as overkill was that each time we logged into the app, we would receive an email notification to alert us of a new login. Thankfully, the alert overload can easily toggle off within the account settings.

Action Network check mark Final Verdict: Average. PointsBet offers a Face Iog-in option, keeping it up to speed with sportsbook apps such as Caesars, bet365, and theScore.

How straightforward is finding and browsing betting markets?

PointsBet navigation is straightforward and relatively easy to use, but a few quirks keep it from being a best-in-class experience. We evaluated navigation in two buckets: organization and in-app search.


The home screen of the PointsBet app is simple enough, with a top carousel menu that showcases each major sport, featured events, live competitions, and events happening next for a given day. 

PointsBet has a navigation menu (accessed at the bottom of the page) that enables users to scan featured events or click on a specific league. While this menu is helpful, it does dedicate a significant amount of space to in-state game personalization. It is likely not an appetite to bet locally for many serious sports bettors, but rather to find the best game odds regardless of hometown affiliation. This mobile space seemed underutilized for real estate placement.

In-game navigation is seamless once you find the content that interests you. Compared to most other sportsbooks, we liked the sleek design and fast load times within PointsBet. One of our only complaints regarding in-game navigation is that you cannot click on a team logo to view the contest details. Users have to specifically click on the matchup header for each game to access the details—a minor inconvenience but one that regularly caught our attention. In addition, we prefer non-stacked player props. PointsBet requires users to expand A list of prop bets for each contest and then scroll deep to review lines. We find a horizontal scroll feature easier to utilize and consume information.

Another oddity we noted is that the PointsBet app does not have a “Home” button to take users back to the main screen. While this is not essential for a good app, we felt like a missing element to the navigation experience without an easy-to-use home button that allowed us to start fresh as we perused lines.

In-app Search

PointsBet’s search function is somewhat limited in the results it provides. Searching for “Rangers” returned only the upcoming games for the Texas Rangers and the Queens Park Rangers (Scottish Premier League). The search results do not link to anything other than the upcoming games, so users aren’t able to find futures bets or anything else related to the team through that particular pathway.

Action Network check mark Final Verdict: Good. Navigation is primarily solid, but some noticeable quirks in PointsBet functionality and in-app search hold it back. DraftKings excels here. 

App Speed

How quickly does the PointsBet mobile app update and respond to input?

PointsBet is a best-in-class sportsbook app for speed and input responsiveness. We never experienced any noticeable lag when navigating between tabs or pages within PointsBet. Seamless movement throughout the app enhances the user experience.

Action Network check mark Final Verdict: Excellent. PointsBet feels and performs like a high-tech app. Its speed and response time is second to none, and we never experienced any crashes throughout our review.  

Data Density

How many games can you view odds for at once?

When you're looking for quick betting action, data density is everything. App design choices like font size and white space that impact layout will determine how much information a bettor can access at any given moment without having to scroll. We tested using an iPhone 12 Pro to determine game density rankings in the mobile view on iOS. Here's what we found:

  1. FanDuel - 4.5 Games
  2. Tied BetMGM & DraftKings - 4 Games
  3. Tied PointsBet & Caesars - 3 Games

PointsBet falls at the bottom of the pack regarding game data density.

Game Data Display Comparison on Mobile

Pointsbet Sportsbook logo FanDuel Sportsbook Logo Caesars Sportsbook Logo
3 Games 4.5 Games 4 Games ~4 Games 3 Games
PointsBet Game Screen FanDuel Game Screen BetMGM Game Screen DraftKings Game Screen Caesars Game Display Screen

Action Network check mark Final Verdict: Needs Improvement. FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM are better options than PointsBet regarding game data density.

Bet Slip

How intuitive and seamless is the bet slip experience?

Bet slips are a defining feature in a sportsbook because they facilitate the main objective of a sports betting app--placing bets. PointsBet’s bet slip is a mixed bag as it is easy to find and use, but some of the app’s actual betting functionality can aggravate bettors. Here are a few key points that we noted when examining the PointsBet bet slip:

  • The bet slip is easy to find and quickly loads from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Deleting bets from the bet slip can be tricky using the symbol of the small, left-aligned trash can.
  • The bet slip does not automatically generate parlay options when multiple bets are added. Users must select the “Start a Parlay” option to generate combined odds. 
  • You have to enter a specific Same Game Parlay section within the game details to utilize this functionality instead of simply adding it to the bet slip to be parlayed. We recommend FanDuel as a sportsbook that allows users to create the same game parlays within the bet slip directly.
  • A half-screen bet slip will appear for users to make a “Quick Bet” when clicking on a bet. However, if you click out of that Quick Bet slip, your selection will not be saved as you look through other lines. This was frustrating when browsing odds in our testing.
  • Our biggest complaint with PointsBet is that you can only place one bet at a time rather than submitting several at once via the bet slip. We did discover a workaround, though, where users can select the “Start Parlay” option and then bet each wager individually from the bet slip later on, but this was not by default or intuitive.
Pointsbet Sportsbook logo FanDuel Sportsbook Logo Caesars Sportsbook Logo
Pointsbet Betslip FanDuel Betslip in mobile app Caesars Betslip on mobile app Foxbet Betslip Mobile Screen

Action Network check mark Final Verdict: Average. While the bet slip is simple and easy to use, difficulties in placing multiple bets at once and saving selections to the bet slip leave PointsBet trailing behind competitors like Caesars.

Jump ahead to see how PointsBet stacks up against other big brand sportsbooks pricing-wise.

Customer Reviews

In addition to our experts' analysis, we have distilled what is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play to provide a broader sample size for this PointsBet assessment. Here are the advantages and challenges that the users have shared about their experiences using PointsBet:

Apple App Store Logo Apple App Store Reviews

#97 in Sports - 4.8/5 Stars - 48.9K Reviews (June 2024) - Download at the Apple App Store

iOS User Positives  undefined

iOS User Negatives undefined

Fantastic futures. App users expressed how unusual the breadth of futures PointsBet offered is — coverage they'd struggled to find elsewhere. This is your book if you're a fan of betting futures odds.

Exclusion from promos. Users were frustrated that after using the app for a while, they no longer qualified for promotions designated for "recreational" players (implying they were more involved bettors). The lines here are subjective, but we hope a more significant % of the audience can continue to access attractive offers.

Sleek & stable. When lining PointsBet up against majors like BetMGM or FOX Bet, users praised the speed and lack of crashing issues they'd encountered while using PB.

Log-in is inconvenient. PointsBet doesn’t save login info, Face ID, or pin, so users must manually log in after 10 minutes of no activity. For live bettors, this was a sore point in their experience. 

Latest Release Notes:

Version 3.10.1 - Released June 28

  • Same Game Parlay Combo: Combine SGPs and single bets for BIGGER payouts!
  • All new casino games in NJ and PA 
  • Performance enhancements with each update

Action Network check mark Takeaway: PointsBet's latest iOS update addresses one of our app concerns in streamlining the login process. Face ID and fingerprint scanning boost the app's usability but do not fix other key cons noted in this sportsbook review.

Google Play Logo Google Play/Android Store Reviews

3.9/5 Stars - 11.1K Reviews (June 2024) - Download at the Google Play

Android User Positives  undefined

Android User Negatives undefined

Fantastic referral program. Users praised PB for generous referral bonuses and consistently acknowledged and kept bettors playing with their friends.

Promotional payout follow-up. Users cited needing to follow up with Customer Service to see payouts on promotions, something they wished would be more seamless and convenient.

Easy to navigate. A common theme the PointsBet app is praised for is that it is easy to find what you're looking for, even as a new user.

Inconsistencies with opt-in to promos. A common theme was that users struggled to have their promotional "opt-ins" acknowledged by PB, and CS representatives had trouble accessing reliable records on the issue.

Latest Release Notes:

Version 3.10.1 - Released June 22

  • Same Game Parlay Combo: Combine SGPs and single bets for BIGGER payouts!
  • All new casino games in NJ and PA 
  • Performance enhancements with each update

Action Network check mark Takeaway: PointsBet's latest Android update addresses one of our app concerns in streamlining the login process. Face ID and fingerprint scanning boost the app's usability but do not fix other key cons noted in this sportsbook review.

890112_RedditLogo.png Reddit Reviews

The court of public opinion can offer valuable insight when selecting a sportsbook. Here is what Reddit users had to say about the PointsBet Sportsbook:

Reddit User Positives undefined

Reddit User Negatives Red Minus Negative in Circle.png

Sleek App Interface: The app is revered by this community as one of the best. The dark background and sharp reds are visually pleasing.

Lack of Customer Service: Many comments were made about slow customer service, and when users were contacted, they did not get the answers they were looking for

Pointsbetting Option: The ability to win a multiplied amount from your bet appeals tRedditorsrs.

Not Enough Promos: Users say promos are not offered as often as in other books.

Name a Bet: PointsBet allows you to suggest a bet if they don't offer it. Users say that this will enable them to have a voice in the bets that are offered.

Incorrect Lines: VariouRedditorsrs report being limited or even banned after betting large amounts on mispriced odds.

Pricing vs. Other Sportsbooks

While deposit offers, promos, and user experience are crucial factors in selecting a sportsbook, the most sophisticated bettors are often worried about the price.

We tested every major sportsbook on its "hold" percentage -- the percent of a bet the book will keep on average. The higher the hold, the more advantageous the sportsbook, and the worse for the bettor.

In states where betting is entirely online and not regulated by the state lottery, most online U.S. books have standard juice on your typical bets -- -110 for point spreads.

As a savvy sports bettor, line shopping across books is a valuable process to engage in. Our expert handicappers have made some of these comparisons based on in-depth data analysis for you to help illustrate the value of line shopping, and the best sportsbook for different bet types and sports, on average. 

By Sport Pricing Analysis

  • Data collected from 1/1/2022-8/1/2023
  • Used closing odds (the odds 30 minutes before game-time) in calculations
  • Each data point is the average book-edge for the month
  • Each # is represented as a percent of the book's edge
  • The book with the lowest average edge is considered the best price.
  • Best Pricing: Sportsbook Edge Averages by Sport (All Markets)
Action Network Logo Pointsbet Sportsbook logo FanDuel Sportsbook Logo DraftKings Sportsbook logo Caesars Sportsbook Logo Betmgm Logo
NFL 5.59 4.62 4.38 4.92 4.89
NBA 5.37 5.02 4.50 5.35 4.75
MLB 3.54 3.60 5.34 5.80 3.45
NCAAF 5.46 4.80 4.61 5.00 4.17
NCAAB 4.98 5.00 5.49 5.48 5.03
Total 4.82 4.66 5.27 5.40 4.64

Action Network check mark Pricing Analysis Summary

  • PointsBet rates in the middle of the pack compared to other sportsbooks on total average price across all sports.
  • PointsBet outperforms competitors in NCAAB at 4.98, but lags behind everyone in NFL and NCAAF.
  • PointsBet features the second best pricing for MLB.

Action Network check mark Pricing Analysis Summary by Betting Market

  • Moneylines. PointsBet is the place to go for MLB moneyline betting at .73 average price compared to other sportsbooks. This great pricing for MLB gives PointsBet the lowest overall moneylines average at 3.82, but it definitely lags behind in high volume sports, coming in last for both NFL (5.01) and NCAAF (5.41).
  • Spreads. PointsBet is in the middle of the pack again with spreads at 5.29 average pricing. It does not excel in any sport compared to the other books, but it is moderately competitive across most.
  • Totals. PointsBet, once again, has the median average price amongst sportsbooks for totals at 5.43. Similarly to spreads, it does not excel in a single area, but is able to at least keep it close across the board to the top performing FanDuel and BetMGM books.

NFL Spread Pricing Analysis

The 2023 NFL season is in full swing! Our expert data analysts deeply explored how sportsbooks compare specifically on their average NFL spread prices. Look to see which books have the edge for favorites and underdogs.

Average Odds Pricing for NFL Favorites

Pricing Distribution PointsBet BetMGM FanDuel DraftKings Caesars
Worst Price 18.4% 11% 29.1% 29.9% 12.5%
Below Market 15.9% 21.5% 25.2% 24.5% 16.4%
In-Line With Market 30.9% 27% 25.3% 18.7% 23.3%
Above Market 13.5% 17% 11.7% 21.2% 18.9%
Best Price 21.3% 23.5% 8.8% 5.8% 28.9%

Average Odds Pricing for NFL Underdogs

Pricing Distribution PointsBet BetMGM FanDuel DraftKings Caesars
Worst Price 21.3% 23.5% 8.8% 5.8% 28.9%
Below Market 13.5% 17% 11.7% 21.2% 18.9%
In-Line With Market 30.9% 27% 25.3% 18.7% 23.3%
Above Market 15.9% 21.5% 25.2% 24.5% 16.4%
Best Price 18.4% 11% 29.1% 29.9% 12.5%

Action Network check mark NFL Spread Pricing Summary:

  • PointsBet falls right in the middle of the pack regarding their average best price for NFL spread favorites. They offer users the best price 21.3% of the time. While maybe not the first place to look for NFL favorites, PointsBet should be on the shortlist if you're betting favorites.
  • It's usually in line with the market, over 65% of the time.
  • PointsBet remains consistent as it is in the middle again for best average prices for NFL underdogs. They offer the best underdog pricing 18.4% of the time. DraftKings and FanDuel are the top players at 29% for underdogs, but PointsBet is a great place to line shop.
  • PointsBet is in-line or above the average market price 65.2% of the time for underdog odds.

How much does "Sportsbook Pricing" matter?

These pricing differences are most apparent when the moneylines get bigger. For example:

Action Network Logo Pointsbet Sportsbook logo FanDuel Sportsbook Logo
Chargers logo Chargers -205 -200
Rams logoRams +175 +160

Even though PointsBet has a slightly worse price on the Chargers, it has a much better price on the Rams, and overall there's less vig on this market than at FanDuel. Over hundreds of bets that start to add up.

PointsBet Cashiering

Depositing and withdrawing funds with PointsBet is not unlike most other sportsbooks. There are some restrictions based on where users are located, but there are unlikely to be any issues with bankrolling your account for the most part.

How to Deposit on PointsBet

If you need to add funds to your PointsBet account after your initial sign-up deposit, just follow this simple process:

  • Log in to your PointsBet account
  • Click the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select "Deposit" within the Balance section of the pop-out menu
  • Choose your preferred deposit method
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Verify account information as necessary

That's it! You've just added more funds to your PointsBet account that are eligible for immediate use.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

One disadvantage of PointsBet, depending on where you're betting, is that they offer fewer deposit and withdrawal options than competitors. Current deposit options include:

  • Online Banking (1-2 day withdrawals)
  • PayPal (1-2 day withdrawals)
  • ACH/Check (3-5 day withdrawals)
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayNearMe

Spending Controls

Most legal sportsbooks have self-imposed limiting controls, and PointsBet is no different. These are effective ways to stop betting too much if it’s becoming a problem or be proactive about setting healthy limits for yourself. We recommend configuring whatever setup helps you maintain responsible boundaries and educate yourself. The controls offered include:

  • Pre-commitment limits: Set a limit on how much you can deposit in 1, 7, or 30 days.
  • Self-exclusion: Stop yourself from betting during a specific period or permanently.
  • Cool-off period: Stop yourself from accessing the site or app for a specific time. 

In addition to the PointsBet-provided resources, The Action Network has developed bankroll management educational materials to help bettors have fun and establish sustainable behavior.

Betting Options & Sports Market Coverage

PointsBet does not always feature the most niche sporting contests or betting markets, but it is consistent in its coverage of the popular markets in which bettors are most interested. In addition to some of the most standard sports contests, you can find a bevy of player props available for football, matchups for golf, finishing position markets for NASCAR, etc. Originally founded in Australia, PointsBet continues to increase its popularity across the United States, making it a sportsbook worth considering for new and veteran bettors.

Available Bet Types

PointsBet offers various betting options, from traditional spreads and moneylines to more unique and proprietary bet types. Here is a complete list of available bet types that users can expect to find when using the PointsBet Sportsbook:

PointsBet App Screenshot Bet Type & Example
Spread Bets

Point Spreads: Spread betting is a bet on the margin of victory (the # of points won) in a game.

Milwaukee Bucks -3 over the Chicago Bulls in a Point Spread at PointsBet

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline: Moneyline betting is when you pick the outright winner of a game or event.

Milwaukee Bucks are the favorite at -140 over the underdog Chicago Bulls at +120

Totals Bets

TotalsTotals, also known as an over/under, are bets on the number of points both teams will combine to score in a game. 

Pick either "Over" or "Under" 222.5 total points to be scored in the upcoming Bucks vs. Bulls game

Half/Quarter Bets

Half BetsHalf-bets or Quarter bets let a bettor treat the first and second half as separate matches. Depending on the sport, you can also bet quarters as individual wagers.

1st Quarter spread options for Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls

Prop Bets

Prop Bets: Short for a proposition, Prop bets wager that is not directly tied to the final score or outcome. 

Player props for individual players to score "Over" or "Under" a certain amount of points for the Bucks vs. Bulls contest


Futures Bet

Futures bets: Futures bets are a bet on an event that will be decided in the future (e.g., end-of-season results). 

PointsBet futures odds for the NBA Finals winner


These are just some of the standard bet-type options available on PointsBet. In addition to these traditional bets, PointsBet offers a few featured betting options unique to their sportsbook.

PointsBet Featured Bet Types


PointsBet markets itself as one of the most innovative sportsbooks in the industry. To that end, they've created a proprietary bet type known fittingly as PointsBetting. PointsBetting is a high-risk, high-reward betting option. PointsBet summary of the feature is simply: The more you're right about a bet, the more you win. The more you're wrong about a bet, the more you lose. Here's how it works: 

Unlike traditional sports bets, your profits (or losses) are based on how many points you win or lose your bet by. If your bet won by two points, you would win twice the amount of money wagered. Conversely, if your bet lost by two points, you'd lose twice the amount wagered. PointsBetting can be confusing at first, so here is a look at it in action with a real contest.

Sample PointsBetting

For this Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks game, we decided to PointsBet the Total Game Points. Like a regular totals bet, the user must select whether the game will score over or under a designated amount. In this case, PointsBet set the under for 221 points and the over for 224 points. For this example, we will take Under 221 points with a $10 wager. This means that both teams must combine to score 220 points or less for this bet to win. We'll play this out in a winning and losing scenario. 

Winning at PointsBetting

The combined final score of the Heat vs. Hawks game comes out to 219 total points. Since we bet under 221 points, we would win this wager. We won the bet by two points in this scenario since the total score was two points below the set line. As a result, our winnings would be doubled (winnings are multiplied by every additional point in your favor). So $10 x 2 = $20 in profit. The same multiplying principle holds if the score had increased dramatically in our favor. For example, if the total points scored was 211, the result would be $10 x 10 = $100 in profit. Being on the right side of a PointsBet wager is a quick way to make significant money. 

Losing at PointsBetting

While you can win a lot of money quickly through PointsBet, the opposite is true. Using the same game as an example, let's say the contest finished with a combined total score of 226. This would mean that we lost our wager by five points. In other words, our losses would be five times our total bet, or $10 x 5 = $50 in losses. So, as quickly as you can win big money with PointsBetting, you can lose it quickly. 

PointsBetting requires a fairly significant account reserve to cover potential losses. One thing that PointsBet does allow users to do, depending on the bet type, is set limits on the number of points they are willing to risk. This can limit the damage taken but minimize your overall payout potential. 

Action Network check mark Takeaway: PointsBetting is not for the faint of heart. Big wins can quickly turn into significant losses. While this is a unique spin on sports betting, we recommend that beginners and casual bettors stick to more traditional bet types to avoid going through their bankroll quickly.

Bet Multipliers

Bet Multipliers are another unique feature that PointsBet offers in many of its contests. Multipliers can also be a little confusing for beginners or casual bettors. Here's an example of bet multipliers using the same Heat vs. Hawks matchup discussed above. 

Sample Multiplier Bet

 Multiplier Information

In this multiplier option, we are wagering on Trae Young's total points scored multiplied by his total number of assists in the game is either above 285 or below 247. Let's say that we bet Under 247. A potential winning stat line for this bet could be 20 points x 10 assists = 200. Conversely, a losing stat line could look like 30 points x 9 assists = 270. Trae Young will need an excellent game for those betting Over 285 to win! 

Action Network check mark Takeaway: Multipliers are an exciting take on in-game action for those looking for something different from traditional bet types. Our team felt the odds were not usually favorable enough to consider a consistent bet type. 

Other PointsBet Benefits

PointsBet BetSync Bet Tracking in the Action Network App

PointsBet Sportsbook and Action Network have teamed up to offer BetSync, allowing you to link your PointsBet Sportsbook account directly to your Action login. Once your sportsbook is connected, the bets made at the sportsbook will automatically sync to your Action profile. Action Network's BetSync eliminates the process of manually entering your picks.

Benefits: Bets automatically track, live win probability on your tracked bets is visible in the app, and you can now join the Action Leaderboard.

Learn more: BetSync PointsBet Education

PointsBet Live Stream Betting & Visualizations

Like most major sportsbooks, PointsBet offers in-game betting for users to get in on the action while games are live. With play-by-play visualizations and rapidly updating odds, players can bet in real-time and win fast. Live stream betting is only available for select events. 

Partial Cash Out

Settle bets before a game ends to ensure you take home a portion of your winnings. Unlike other cash out options available at different sportsbooks, PointsBet allows you to decide how much money you cash out early and how much you let ride out until the end. Users can choose exactly how much they want to cash out instead of taking out everything. Partial Cash Out is only available for select wagers, though, at the discretion of PointsBet.

Name a Bet

This exclusive to PointsBet feature allows users to request a bet they want to see listed on the app. If, for whatever reason, there is a contest you want to bet on that is not shown in the app, simply request the market you want to see and watch it happen. PointsBet does reserve the right to decline to price a market for any reason.

Karma Kommittee

PointsBet has created the Karma Kommittee to reverse any unfair bad beats. Whether it is a bad call by an official that changed an outcome, a season-ending injury, or something else, users can Tweet #KarmaKommittee to plead their case. Those cases deemed legitimate will be refunded in second chance bets.

PointsBet Rewards Program

For those truly serious sports betters, PointsBet has two levels of invite-only rewards programs. Top players will receive an invitation to join these exclusive rewards clubs over time. Each level offers exclusive benefits only available to its members. Here's what the two programs provide:

Platinum Club

The Platinum Club is the first tier of PointBet's exclusive rewards program. Members at this level will receive personalized benefits, including: 

  • Additional second chance bet opportunities
  • Exclusive Parlay and Same Game Parlay Boosters
  • Dedicated inbound service line
  • Increased referral bonuses
  • Promos based on favorite teams and sporting events
  • Birthday bonuses

Platinum members can utilize the above features and standard sports betting options on the platform to continue building their way up to Diamond Club status.

Diamond Club

Offered only to the "most loyal" PointsBet users, the Diamond Club is the top tier of the rewards program. In addition to everything available to Platinum Club members, this level also offers: 

  • Meet & greet opportunities with PointsBet ambassadors
  • Tickets & event access
  • Even more increased referral bonuses
  • 24/7 support line
  • Expedited withdrawals

PointsBet Account Comparison

Comparing the three account levels, it is clear that becoming a member of either the Platinum or Diamond Clubs can pay off in a big way for users.

PointsBet Rewards Comparison

PointsBet Customer Service

PointsBet offers three methods of Customer Support:

  • Interactive Support Center: https://help.pointsbet.com/hc/en-us
  • Live Chat through the site or app
  • Email: service@pointsbet.com

Additional PointsBet Information

 Canadian Flag PointsBet Canada

PointsBet was launched in Ontario on April 4 last year. Ontario will be the first Canadian province with legalized online sports betting.

PointsBet announced a new partnership with the major sports reporting and analysis companies Daily Faceoff and The Nation Network. PointsBet hopes to become the go-to choice for hockey in Canada sports betting through these partnerships. Furthermore, PB announced they had hired Nic Sulsky as Chief Commercial Officer for their Canadian operations. Lastly, Curling Canada has signed a partnership with PointsBet to grant them exclusive marketing rights for sports betting and online casino games across all of Curling Canada’s broadcast and digital properties.

On Jan. 10, PointsBet announced a partnership with the NHL Alumni Association to be Canada's exclusive sports betting partner. The deal also includes status as an official partner in the U.S.

PointsBet Partnerships

League Partners

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA Tour
  • La Liga

Team Partners

  • Chicago Bears
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Winnipeg Jets
PointsBet News

Steven Petrella is the Deputy Editor for The Action Network covering college football, among other things. He's a Penn State grad now based in New Jersey who enjoys great punting, clock-killing drives and turnovers in the red zone.

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PointsBet Sportsbook FAQs
Where Is PointsBet Sportsbook legal?

PointsBet was legal and live in several U.S. states before being officially replaced by Fanatics Sportsbook. Existing user accounts have been transferred over to the Fanatics Sportsbook platform.

Is PointsBet legal in New York?

No, Fanatics Sportsbook is now in New York instead of PointsBet since they acquired all of PointsBet's U.S. licenses in 2023. 

What is the minimum deposit at PointsBet?

If you deposit via credit card like Visa or Mastercard, the minimum deposit is $5. Note, however, that the deposit match is directly tied to how much money you first put into your account.

What is BetSync?

BetSync is a proprietary technology created by the Action Network that works with sportsbook platforms like PointsBet. All PointsBet users currently have access to BetSync, which allows users to sync their bets directly from PointsBet onto the Action app. From there, the Action app will track your bets, give you live win probability on those bets, highlight your long-term ROI and much more.

What is a PointsBetting wager?

Simply put, PointsBetting is a specific bet type exclusive to the PointsBet brand that allows users to earn more money by getting more right about a particular wager. For example, if you win a spread wager by 2 points, you'll win 2x your bet. 

Check out this detailed article on PointsBetting to get all the details.

Is PointsBet legit?

Yes, PointsBet is legit. They are a legal U.S. sportsbook and are fully regulated by state governments. They have to report earnings, pay taxes and protect user information like any other U.S. business.

How to contact PointsBet Customer Service

Contact PointsBet Customer Service using any of the following methods: 

  • Interactive Support Center: https://help.pointsbet.com/hc/en-us
  • Live Chat through the site or app
  • Email: service@pointsbet.com

How to Choose the Best Sportsbook App

Choosing which sportsbook app to sign up for can be a daunting task that requires a significant deal of research. To help make your life easier, Action Network has developed The Best Sportsbook Quiz. Simply answer a few questions about your location and betting preferences, and our quiz will help tell you which sportsbooks are best suited to meet your needs. Give it a shot! 

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