Watch “I’ll Take That Bet” – Episode 14: LeBron to Lakers, World Cup, NFL, MLB, July 4th, More

Jul 02, 2018 1:22 PM EDT

Episode 14 of our sports betting show “I’ll Take That Bet” is live discussing topics like LeBron James to the Lakers, World Cup and MLB action, NFL props and the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Watch the full episode on ESPN+ here.

If you missed the last episode, here’s the gist of the show: Two analysts — in today’s case, Matt Moore and Blackjack Fletcher — draft their favorite picks of the day from a board of 10 bets, plus a bonus side action bet. These are real wagers you can make across the gambling universe.

Here’s Monday’s board:

Here’s how the picks played out in today’s show. You can watch the full episode exclusively on ESPN+. You’ll want to stick around to the end for Matt and Blackjack’s side bet on the hot dog eating contest and a special wager between them.

PICK NO. 1 (MOORE): LeBron James to win 2018 NBA MVP (+350)

PICK NO. 2 (BLACKJACK): Boston Red Sox over Washington Nationals (+140)

PICK NO. 3 (MOORE): Los Angeles Lakers to not win the 2018 NBA Championship (-600)

PICK NO. 4 (BLACKJACK): Daniel Cormier over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 (+200)

PICK NO. 5 (MOORE): LeBron James will win at least 6 NBA titles in his career (+800)

PICK NO. 6 (BLACKJACK): Joey Bosa to win Defensive Player of the Year in 2018 (+700)

PICK NO. 7 (MOORE): Buffalo Bills to win more than 6.5 games in 2018 (+140)

PICK NO. 8 (BLACKJACK): Switzerland over Sweden (-120)

PICK NO. 9 (MOORE): Colombia over England (+150)

PICK NO. 10 (BLACKJACK): Joey Chestnut to eat more than 70.5 hot dogs at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (-150)

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