Watch ‘I’ll Take That Bet’ — Episode 84: Thanksgiving Football, NFL Week 12

Nov 21, 2018, 11:51 AM EST

Episode 84 of our sports betting show “I’ll Take That Bet” is live, breaking down every angle on the Thanksgiving NFL games, including Bears-Lions, Redskins-Cowboys, and Falcons-Saints.

Watch the full episode on ESPN+ here.

If you missed the last episode, here’s the gist of the show: Two analysts — in today’s case, Chris Raybon and Paul lo Duca — draft their favorite picks of the day from a board of 10 bets, plus a bonus bet. These are real wagers you can make across the gambling universe.

Here’s the Thanksgiving board:

Here’s how the picks played out in the show. You can watch the full episode exclusively on ESPN+. You’ll want to stick around to the end to see Chris and Paul’s favorite Thanksgiving day player props.

PICK NO. 1 (LO DUCA): Detroit Lions (+4) over Chicago Bears (-110)

PICK NO. 2 (RAYBON): Under 45 points between Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions (-110)

PICK NO. 3 (LO DUCA): Dallas Cowboys (-7) over Washington Redskins (-110)

PICK NO. 4 (RAYBON): Over 60 between Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints (-110)

PICK NO. 5 (LO DUCA): Atlanta Falcons (+13) over New Orleans Saints (-110)

PICK NO. 6 (RAYBON): Buffalo Bills (+3) over Jacksonville Jaguars (-110)

PICK NO. 7 (LO DUCA): Philadelphia Eagles (-6) over New York Giants (-110)

PICK NO. 8 (RAYBON): Green Bay Packers (+3) over Minnesota Vikings (-110)

PICK NO. 9 (LO DUCA): Seattle Seahawks (+3) over Carolina Panthers (-110)

PICK NO. 10 (RAYBON): Under 40.5 between Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys (-110)

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