Big Brother Season 20 Winner Odds are Way Off

Big Brother Season 20 Winner Odds are Way Off article feature image
  • We are down to 11 players left in what has been a very entertaining season of Big Brother.
  • My favorite to win actually has the highest odds, which makes it a must play.

Everyone’s favorite summer tradition — Big Brother — finally has odds! Watching random people game, scheme and do dumb things 24/7 was already entertaining, but the betting angle adds a whole different layer to the equation.

This entertaining season features a bunch of terrible players and three to four pretty good ones. My viewpoints are quite different than what the odds imply, which makes me think the oddsmaker hasn’t watched the live feeds.

Let’s delve into the remaining 11 participants and my thoughts on their corresponding prices.

Scottie (2-1)

The house nerd

He’s decent but does not have good social relations. Also, a massive issue is that the person he trusts most, Bayleigh, actively wants him out soon. He should be one of the longer shots, although he can win comps.

Sam (4-1)

The Southern girl

Not the nicest girl considering what she thinks of some of the women in the house, but she has decent social relations. Unfortunately, she has no coherent strategy. She could potentially get dragged to the end by someone who wants her in the final two, but I don’t see her winning.

Faysal (6-1)

The big guy with a big heart

Faysal has absolutely no idea how to play the game. He can win competitions, but is terrible strategically and oblivious to the house dynamics. He also doesn’t have much winner’s equity, and seems to just be in it for a “showmance.” He should be the longest shot on the board.

Haleigh (7-1)

The young, cute Texan

Haleigh has game. One of the top three players in my mind. She effectively flirts with the guys and has a good relationship with almost everyone in the house. However, she is in an alliance with some of the worst players this season. Luckily for her, most of the house doesn’t currently view her as a real threat. She should survive to the final eight, but will need to win a few comps and get a little lucky to win it all. She has value at 7-1, though.

Angela (8-1)

The athletic strategist

Angela has been very silent (especially on TV broadcasts) this season. She has a real strong alliance in Level Six (Angela, Rachel, Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee) and isn’t a target of anyone on the other side of the house. She has decent strategical chops and can effectively lie. Another good value here.

JC (8-1)

The body-builder

You gotta respect the little man. He’s very much the house clown, but is a strong player who ALWAYS wants his way. He has decent bonds with many in the house, but I’m not sure what his long-term strategy is. He isn’t in any solid alliances. I also expect him to be on the block come Monday night. He’s priced right at 8-1.

Bayleigh (8-1)

The strong female

The current HOH (Head Of Household) who’s been through a lot already — losing her show-mance in a Week 2 blindside. She received a power in Week 3, but that’s now out in the open. She’s far from the smartest player, but has decent social bonds with everyone and isn’t being targeted. The odds look fair, but I think she lacks the strategic know-how to win it all.

Kaycee (8-1)

The female football player

One of my favorite players in the game. She’s fairly quiet, but understands the house social dynamics and is one of the few in the house who can effectively keep a secret. She’s also a strong component of Level Six and has a solid final two deal with Tyler. Great value at 8-1.

Brett (10-1)

The strong bro-guy

Nice guy, but not much of a player. He does rub some people the wrong way, which has made him a target of many. I have no idea how he makes it to the end — and he’s even Bayleigh’s target to get evicted this week. Pass.

Angie “Rockstar” (10-1)

The hippie Mom

Volatile and crazy without much game sense. She should be about 50-1. She could get brought along to the final two as a sacrificial goat, but she’s not good at this game.

Tyler (10-1)

The surfer dude/secret fan

The best player in the game has the highest odds. This is very confusing. He’s great at keeping a secret and has solid bonds with everyone in the house — now that Kaitlyn is gone. He also has a power that nobody knows about. It’s not that strong, but could save him one week. This line makes absolutely zero sense to me and is a must play. I make him the favorite.

Big Brother Season 20 Suggested Bets

  • Kaycee 8-1
  • Tyler 10-1

I could also make cases for Haleigh and Angela.

I’m assuming the oddsmaker relied more on the Big Brother televised narrative, which isn’t 100% accurate.

Keep in mind that wager cutoff is set for Monday morning at 3 a.m. ET. The POV (Power Of Veto) is played Saturday afternoon and live feed viewers find out the winner at night. The POV ceremony usually takes place on Monday afternoon.

Good luck with your wagers and expect the unexpected on the best reality show in America.