Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin Wedding Props: Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin Wedding Props: Too Late Now To Say Sorry? article feature image

The Highlights

  • Justin Bieber just got engaged to model Hailey Baldwin.
  • The props include best man and maid of honor picks, and whether or not Selena Gomez will attend.
  • Before you get too excited, let’s be realistic about the chances they actually say “I do.”

An international pop star with a history of emotional instability proposes to a model while in his early 20s. These things usually go well, right?

Justin Bieber proposed to his 21-year-old girlfriend Hailey Baldwin (Stephen’s daughter, not Alec’s), setting the internet ablaze and causing a one-day record for high school tears.

Will these two actually walk down the aisle?

I’m not one to root against love, but when two young, famous people rush into marriage with a Kardashian involved, I’ll definitely bet against it …

PROP 1: Will Bieber and Baldwin get married by the end of 2018?

Yes -200, No +150

For whatever reason, Biebs appears to be in a hurry here, which means there’s a chance he pushes for a December wedding or runs to Vegas this weekend. Still, I’m taking the plus money and saying this wedding doesn’t happen ever, especially not in 2018 …

The Pick: No (+150)

PROP 2: Will Bieber and Baldwin get married by the end of 2019?

Yes +150, No -200

Lololololololol. Zero chance they’re still together. There should be an additional over/under on how many models Biebs hooks up with by December of 2019. I’d conservatively estimate 26.

The Pick: No (-200)

PROP 3: Who will be Bieber’s best man?

Ryan Butler (+100), Scooter Braun (+300), Usher (+300), Lil Twist (+700), Soulja Boy (+800), Floyd Mayweather (+2000), 50 Cent (+2000), Ellen DeGeneres (+5000)

What a list this is. Butler is Justin’s best bud, Braun is his longtime manager, and Usher is … Usher. Stay away from this prop because a) this wedding will probably never happen, and b) Bieber is not a huge fan of sharing the spotlight, meaning a best man-less wedding is definitely in the cards.

The Pick: Pass

PROP 4: Who will be Baldwin’s maid of honor?

Kendall Jenner (-200), Bella Hadid (+200), Mari McKinney (+400), Ireland Baldwin (+500), Isabella Peschardt (+800), Selena Gomez (+5000)

Jenner and Hadid have the best odds, and if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about these nuptials, I’m not sure what will. If you feel compelled to make a pick, go with Jenner, but otherwise avoid any prop bet that banks on a wedding actually taking place.

The Pick: Pass

PROP 5: Will Selena Gomez attend the wedding?

Yes +350, No -500

HAMMER the No. Hammer it, hammer it, and then hammer it some more. -500 should be -5000. These oddsmakers truly don’t know Selena …

The Pick: No (-500)