2020 League of Legends Spring Season Betting Guide: 5 Esports Futures with Value

2020 League of Legends Spring Season Betting Guide: 5 Esports Futures with Value article feature image

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Hey everybody, my name is John “theesportsplug” George and I’m here to share some betting thoughts ahead of the upcoming League of Legends seasons.

Like many of the smaller, niche sports, League of Legends and Esports in general is still an untapped market featuring beatable lines and plenty of potential if you put in the work.

As of right now the League of Legends regular seasons are just about ready to get underway across the globe. In every league, from the North American LCS to the Korean LCK, there are plenty of great lines to take advantage of in the futures market.

Over the course of the last few years futures have been my most profitable bets by a wide margin and I’ve put together a group of five bets that can get your portfolios set up for a great start to the new year.

While I’ll keep it a bit short and sweet here and get right to helping you find some value, feel free to check out the links for my more detailed breakdowns of the leagues, or add me on twitter @esportsplug if you feel like getting into Esports or just want to talk about betting!

Without further ado, my top 5 League of Legends futures picks for 2020 Spring:

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2020 League of Legends Betting Picks

Schalke04 To Make The Playoffs (LEC) +110

With the addition of Forg1ven and the returning core of Abbedagge and Odoamne, Schalke should find themselves in the top six way more often than not. Dreams and Gilius are both serviceable and I love the +110 for Schalke to find themselves in the top 60% of the league.

I’d bet this down to even money.

JD Gaming To Win the League (LPL) +1400

Replacing Imp with Loken was one of the strongest moves of the Chinese offseason and after beating the world champions in the playoffs last spring, I definitely like +1400 on the chances that an improved version of the squad could do it again.

I’d bet this all the way to +800.

G2 Esports To Win The League (LEC) -200

Its not one of the sexier bets on the board at -200, but there just isnt any real competition for g2 in Europe. Fnatic and Origen will provide some competition, but G2 should waltz into the winner’s circle for the third straight split.

I wouldn’t go past -200 for this bet.

Team Solomid To Be The Regular Season Winner (LCS) +650

While Team Liquid should ultimately take the crown, I like TSM to end the regular season on top.

TL may have some early struggles while their players solve their VISA issues, and I think TSM takes the regular season more seriously and tops the table leading into the playoffs. This number seems just about right but I’d go as low as +600 on this bet.

Team OMG To Win The League (LPL) +6600

This one is for the true gamblers out there. Though I don’t think OMG wins the league very often, I definitely think they win it over 5% of the time. They are No. 4 in power rankings for this league so 66-1 is just way too good not to bet.

This bet plays well with the JDG future as you can cover two bases with significant profit on either result and you get two of the four best teams in the league.

This bet would be live to me all the way down to +3000, so you shouldn’t get priced out of it.

If you want to take a look at my more in-depth breakdowns of the rosters and power rankings for the various leagues you can check out these links and keep an eye out for my final video on the LCK, coming soon:

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