The Buffet with Chad and Scooch, Episode 30 – NBA with World Wide Wob and Story Time with Lauren Joffe

May 10, 2018, 07:40 PM EDT

On this week’s podcast, Chad is joined by Rob Perez, also known as World Wide Wob, for an in-depth interview about the NBA and Rob’s life. Chad is also joined by Lauren Joffe (aka The Spin Zone) for a hilarious interview after they are blown off by Stuckey.

Time Stamps:

2:20 – World Wide Wob’s crazy bet with a friend

12:30 – Who is World Wide Wob?

15:00 – Social Media

42:05 – A Bet for Wob

44:58 – Lauren Joffe Interview

45:18 – Hate-Betting with Joffe

51:42 – Murderer staying with Joffe in college

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