What Is PrizePicks? How to Play, Legal States, More

What Is PrizePicks? How to Play, Legal States, More article feature image

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PrizePicks has gained steam over the last few years as a DFS alternative, and it’s available in a lot of states where traditional online sports betting is not.

So what is it? It’s a DFS site where you create a lineup of prop selections you like. Think of it like a prop parlay. You have the option to take over or under on the number of fantasy points a player will score, or traditional counting stats like yards, receptions and touchdowns.

Here’s how it works.

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How Does PrizePicks Work?

PrizePicks’ interface should look pretty familiar. If you’re on a desktop, you’ll see the sports and prop types at the top, players to take in the middle, and an “entry slip” on the right side where you select your parlay type, over or under for each player, and the money you want to wager.

prizepicks screenshot

Here are the steps to put in a lineup:

  1. Navigate to your desired sport and stat
  2. Pick your players
  3. Select over or under the stat you chose
  4. Choose Flex Play or Power Play (more on this below)
  5. Enter your wager amount
  6. Click Place Entry to submit

That’s it! Although it’s DFS, you’re not playing against your peers or a field, you’re playing against PrizePicks and the lines they set.

What’s the Difference Between Power Play and Flex Play?

The Flex Play offers you smaller payouts if you hit all of your plays, but a safety net if you win some but lose the others.

Example: If you bet $10 on a two-player Flex Play, you’ll get $5 if you go 1-1, and $20 if you go 2-0.

The Power Play requires you to hit all of your picks to win, and give you worse odds than a sportsbook will on each parlay. For a two-teamer, you’re getting paid 2-1 instead of +260.

As you add more picks, the payouts start to get a little worse. The true probability of parlay outcomes tells us as much, and you can learn how to calculate the odds of a parlay here.

But in theory, you have an advantage because props are easier to beat than NFL point spreads given the efficiency of the markets, so getting +500 on a three-player parlay in which you have a real edge could be advantageous.

Players PP Line Sportsbook True Odds
2-Player +300 +260 +300
3-Player +500 +600 +700
4-Player +1000 +1200 +1500

How to Win on PrizePicks Using Our Projections

The Action Labs props tool uses industry-leading projections from Sean Koerner, FantasyPros’ No. 1 fantasy football ranker in 2019, and Justin Phan in NBA to beat the prop market. You can leverage them on PrizePicks, too. FantasyLabs also has player-level fantasy point projections.

We’ll have weekly articles with our favorite props on PrizePicks for NFL and college football this fall.

Where Is it Legal?

PrizePicks is available in 30 states, many of which do not have legal sports betting. It is not available in some of the biggest betting states, like New Jersey and Nevada.

Get Your First Deposit Matched Up to $100!

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New users only
State Available?
Alabama Yes
Alaska Yes
Arizona No
Arkansas Yes
California Yes
Colorado Yes
Connecticut Yes
Delaware No
Washington D.C. Yes
Florida Yes
Georgia Yes
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois Yes
Indiana No
Iowa No
Kansas Yes
Kentucky Yes
Louisiana No
Maine No
Maryland No
Massachusetts Yes
Michigan Yes
Minnesota Yes
Mississippi No
Missouri No
Montana No
Nebraska Yes
Nevada No
New Hampshire No
New Jersey No
New Mexico Yes
New York No
North Carolina Yes
North Dakota Yes
Ohio No
Oklahoma Yes
Oregon Yes
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island Yes
South Carolina Yes
South Dakota Yes
Tennessee No
Texas Yes
Utah Yes
Vermont Yes
Virginia No
Washington No
West Virginia Yes
Wisconsin Yes
Wyoming Yes

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