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FOX Bet Sportsbook update: 

Unfortunately, FOX Bet has ceased their sportsbook operations as of July 31, 2023. Please use the PokerStars Sports Betting or PokerStars Casino App to access or recover any remaining funds from your account.

Users will be able to use any existing funds to place bets on both PokerStars apps.

FOX Bet Bonus Code & Mobile App Key Takeaways May 2024

FOX Bet Promo Code:

Please use PokerStars or PokerStars Casino to use or withdraw your remaining account balance from FOX Bet.

FOX Bet Sportsbook Deposit Bonus:

Use the BetMGM Promo Code ACTION and you'll get your first deposit matched up to $1,000Use the Fanduel Promo Code to Bet $20, Get $200 in Bonus Bets, or the bet365 Bonus Code ACTION to wager $1 for $200 in bonus bets

FOX Bet Sportsbook States:

No longer available as of 7/31/2023.

FOX Bet Sports Offered:


FOX Bet Review Summary
  • Bonuses & Promotions

    The FOX Bet sign-up offer is standard across the industry. They also really highlight odds boosts and daily promos, although they're often a little less enticing than they initially look on the surface. They have several good qualities as a book, but they don't stand out in the promo world.
  • Mobile App & Website

    We've found FOX Bet's site reliable but very cluttered and often challenging to navigate. They lean into their celebrity personalities and highlight custom bets and odds boosts, which quickly busy up the page and difficult to find markets.
  • Registering & Cashiering

    We haven't had issues depositing or withdrawing at FOX Bet, but we have heard the sign-up and account creation process is more cumbersome than other books. We've heard of them asking more frequently for confirmation of identity, but once an account is created they are typically good with deposits and withdrawals.
  • Betting Options

    You'll often find the same odds across a variety of U.S. books, mostly because a lot of major companies use the same odds providers. FOX Bet stands out in this regard, posting unique odds in a variety of markets, which means users can often find some nice value. They especially stand out in futures markets with low hold.
  • FOX Bet vs Other Sportsbooks

    It's good to have variety among sportsbooks, and that's exactly why FOX Bet excels in some areas. While they're not particularly strong with promotions and can be heavy-handed with advertisements, they offer very competitive odds in their markets, particularly on futures bets. If you're a bettor who cares about price shopping, FOX Bet is a great book to have available to you.

FOX Bet Bonus Code, Promotions, & Sportsbook App Review

FOX Bet Promo Codes & Bonuses star star star star

New bettors will find out that it's challenging to make money as a sports bettor, partly because it's difficult to predict the future, but most importantly because of the juice — also called the "vig" — which is the tax a book takes on each bet. In other words, going 50% on your bets means you'll lose money over the long term.

That's why it's important to price shop, take advantage of sign-up offers and keep your eye on odds boosts. FOX Bet is more robust in the first part — they offer very competitive odds for most markets — but their promos and increases are average in the industry.

Mobile App & Website star star star star

As its name would lead you to believe, FOX Bet is owned, in part, by the same Fox Corporation that broadcasts sporting events around the U.S. FOX Bet now operates its online sportsbook in four states: Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In May 2019, Fox announced a deal with The Stars Group, a large gaming conglomerate, to launch FOX Bet. As part of the deal, Fox granted The Stars Group the rights to use certain trademarks while promoting FOX Bet. All in all, FOX Bet's site and app get the job done, but there are some critiques we have.

Web Experience

When you first navigate to the site, you're inundated with promotions and celebrity influencers who are a big part of their brand. Perhaps that's why they attract customers, but it makes the site very busy for users who want to find markets and bet.

We've noticed that the site can be a little slow at times, perhaps because of all advertisements and images. The betting and bet slip experience is intuitive and fast — it's just the load times of pages that can take an extra moment or two.

In terms of navigation, FOX Bet is about standard with other sites. However, they consistently highlight markets that are a part of their brand — particularly their "Custom Bets" from users who request a specific market or bet type. Those can be fun for users, but they clutter up some of the main markets like game and player props.

FOXBET sportsbook app positive factorsOur Positives:

    • Deposits and withdrawals. We've heard from users that while the account creation process can be cumbersome, depositing and withdrawing funds were very easy.
    • Custom bets. While the site and app can be a little cluttered because of promos and custom bets, a lot of users like those offerings and think FOX Bet stands out among a crowded field as a result.
    • Competitive odds. FOX Bet is one of the better books in the U.S. market when it comes to odds, especially on futures and moneylines. If you're price shopping, you'll likely find they have the best odds in the market for a particular bet.

    FOXBET mobile app sportsbook app negative feedbackOur Negatives:

      • Occasional glitching and freezing. We've heard from some users that the app can be inconsistent at times and that are occasional bugs you'll run into. FOX Bet is a very active company, so those will likely get fixed, but they can be frustrating when you encounter them.
      • Way too cluttered. It's clear that FOX Bet is leaning into their star-studded cast of celebrity personalities, but it makes the site and app very cluttered with pictures and advertisements for custom bets.
      • Different apps for different states. FOX Bet doesn't have one cohesive app for all users — in fact, they currently have four offered in the app store. That's not a problem for most users, but make sure you download the correct one for your state.

      However, we know It’s important to have a broader data set in evaluating a mobile application like FOX Bet Sportsbook. We distilled what’s available in the Apple App Store and Google Play to find the advantages and challenges the betting population at large found with FOX Bet below.

      Apple App Store Rating Logo FOX Bet Sportsbook Reviews in the Apple App Store

      5.8k ratings

      FOX Bet Apple Rating Graphic

      FOX Bet Sportsbook iOS User Positives Positive social interaction

      • Money Transactions: Users report FOX Bet as having among the fastest and easiest processes for depositing and withdrawing money. And money is obviously the endgame for bettors.
      • Prop Bets and Promotions: With such a big name behind them, it’s not surprising users find that FOX Bet has a well-rounded assortment of prop bets and promo specials to go along with standard betting options.
      • Personalities: Cameos are always fun, so users seeing Terry Bradshaw, Colin Cowherd -- guys they see on TV -- and more on the app makes them feel comfortable when placing bets.

      FOX Bet Sportsbook iOS User Negatives Negative to dealer communication

      • App Performance: Too many users describe the app freezing, glitching out or just plain crashing on them mid-use. Unwanted pop-ups have also left users frustrated. The app is already considered cluttered by some, so additional pop-ups don't help that cause.
      • More Casino than Sports: The app itself isn’t specifically catered to the casino (especially with all the sport personalities involved), but based on reviews, it seems more of FOX Bet’s action happens there instead of in the sportsbook.

      Android App Store Rating Logo FOX Bet Sportsbook Reviews in the Google Play/Android Store

      193 ratings

      FOX Bet Android Ratings Graphic

      Android User Positives for FOX Bet Sportsbook Positive social interaction

      • User Interface: Bettors enjoy the easy to use interface as they navigate through the app.
      • Triple Threat: No matter the OS, FOX Bet’s promos, props and personalities are among the best in the industry.

      Android User Negatives for FOX Bet Sportsbook Negative to dealer communication

      • Location Issues: Android users have experienced more location verification issues than iOS users. 
      • Casino Focus: Reviews on Android confirm iOS research that many users on FOX Bet are there for the casino. The sportsbook is at the front of the app, but the casino appears to be the bigger draw.

      Registering & Cashiering star star star star

      Each state and sportsbook are different in their requirements for users due to company policy or state-by-state regulations. We've heard FOX Bet can be a little more challenging in the sign-up process. They require a bit more information, and they sometimes ask for more proof of identity.

      Once that process is complete, however, you shouldn't have a problem with sign-up offers or depositing or withdrawing money.

      How to Sign Up for FOX Bet

      If you're on your phone, you'll be prompted to download Fox Bet's app before signing up for an account. If you're on the computer, you can sign up on the website and download the app later. If FOX Bet can’t verify your identity using the below details, it may ask you to submit other proof of identity, like a photo of your license or passport.

      Step 1. Visit to begin the registration process. Press on "Get Started Now" and then "Join" on the top right corner of the subsequent page. Please note that FOX Bet is only available to users that are located in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

      Step 2. Enter your user details:

      • Email
      • Username
      • Create a Secure Password

      Step 3. Read and Agree to the End User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 

      Your account has been created and you are ready to make your first deposit and bet!

      Payout Speed

      Perhaps the best part about using FOX Bet or any other legal U.S. book is that your data, account and money are safe. In contrast with offshore sportsbooks with no regulatory body to hold them accountable, FOX Bet is heavily regulated by the state they operate in. That means strong user protections for bettors, who can be worry-free about whether they can access their cash once they're ready to withdraw.

      Fox Bet has a ton of deposit options, including PayPal and online banking, which tend to be the two most reliable ways to fund your account. Some people prefer using a credit/debit card, which is also an option. And since The Stars Group also owns PokerStars, you can deposit via your PokerStars Play+ Card if you prefer. FOX Bet has a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options, including:

      Bank account Credit card
      PayPal PayNearMe
      Debit card eCheck

      Spending Controls

      Most legal sportsbooks have self-imposed limiting controls in place, and FOX Bet is no different. These are effective ways to stop yourself from betting too much if it’s becoming a problem or to be proactive about setting healthy limits for yourself. We recommend configuring whatever setup helps you maintain responsible boundaries and educating yourself. The controls FOX Bet offers include: 

      • Player limits: Limit your deposits, bet size, and playing time on FOX Bet's site and app.
      • Self-exclusion: Ban yourself from using the sportsbook for a set period.
      • Cool off: Prevent yourself from depositing or placing bets for a set time while still accessing the app.

      In addition to the FOX Bet-provided resources, The Action Network has developed bankroll management educational materials to help ensure bettors have fun and establish sustainable behavior. 

      Betting Options star star star star star

      There are a variety of ways a book can be unique in its odds offerings: being the first to market, setting new markets/bets and offering independent odds. While FOX Bet doesn't prioritize the former strategy, they are one of the better books in the latter two. They consistently offer "custom bets," and they stand out by setting their own lines within sports. If you like to bet futures or sports like golf where outrights are very popular bets, FOX Bet is a book you need in your portfolio.

      Bet types available

      FOX Bet offers your standard bets, of course, but they also list every day of the year a "Custom Bet" section on their home page, which is typically fairly unique markets. These are user-requested bets, which is a cool feature for bettors who are interested in an angle but can't find it listed at a legal U.S. book.

      That’s in addition to all the popular, standard bets you can get at any sportsbook — point spreads, totals, moneyline, first half derivatives, etc. These include:

      • Spreads
      • First half
      • Second half
      • Player props
      • Futures
      • Moneylines
      • Totals

      Sports Markets Offered

      In general, FOX Bet offers just about everything you'd find at another book — and if they don't, you can always request them to make a unique "custom" market. FOX Bet offers standard markets on popular sports like the NFL and NBA, but they also list odds on niche sports like darts, cricket and rugby. They also consistently offer custom bets and "super boosts," which are right on the site and app's front page. FOX Bet is very competitive in terms of price, highlighting that if you're just interested in markets and price shopping over promos, FOX Bet is a worthy book to check out.

      UFC/MMA Boxing Soccer
      Golf Darts Ruby
      Hockey College football College basketball
      Tennis Table tennis Cricket

      FOX Bet vs Other Sportsbooks star star star star star

      While sign-up offers, promos and user experience are crucial factors in selecting a sportsbook, the most sophisticated bettors are often worried about the price. We can compare books in this regard a couple of ways:

      • Juice: Also referred to as the “vig,” this is the tax a sportsbook charges for a bet. The standard odds for a spread bet is -110, which means you have to pay $110 to win $10. That extra $10 is the tax.
      • Hold: Similar to the juice. The hold is defined as the percentage a sportsbook keeps for every dollar wagered. It’s a better metric to measure for moneylines, for example.

      Most online U.S. books — in states where betting is entirely online and not regulated by the state lottery, at least — have standard juice on your typical bets. Take, for example, the juice on spread bets for the NFL. There’s no significant difference between sportsbooks: It is common to get -110 on both sides for both the spread and the over/under.

      In terms of hold on moneylines, FOX Bet is one of the best books in the U.S. market. They consistently have low theoretical holds on futures markets and non-game markets like golf outright odds. That's a big deal over the long run: If you're a golf bettor who can get slightly superior odds every week at FOX Bet vs. a book you were using in the past, that will add up on your bottom line over the long term.

      In other markets, they're not quite as strong. For example, for many custom bets, props, and game markets, they'll often offer just one-way markets. Those are usually -EV for bettors because they can quickly boost the juice vs. the "true" odds because bettors can't see both sides of the market.

      All in all, though, FOX Bet is unique and offers reasonable pricing on futures and smaller sports markets. Just for those reasons, it's worth adding an account and keeping an eye on their odds when you're price shopping your bets.

      Other FOX Bet Benefits

      Bet Boosts

      As they sound, Bet Boosts offer you increased odds on various events each day, giving you the chance to win more money than you would at any other book. FOX Bet also provides boosts to bets given by FOX Sports personalities, including Colin Cowherd, Clay Travis and many more.

      Super Boosts

      Super Boosts are the biggest bet boosts of the week and offer even more of an advantage to you as a bettor.

      Custom Bets

      By tweeting using the hashtag #CustomBet, you can find your proposition bet on the FOX Bet site for you to bet!

      FOX Bet Customer Service

      You can contact FOX Bet through its help center on the web, desktop software or mobile app. You’ll be provided with a template to send a message, which will include specifying your reason for contact.

      It is recommended that you be logged into your account (if you have one) when reaching out.

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      Steve Petrella is a senior editor for The Action Network covering college football, among other things. He's a Penn State grad now based in Atlanta who enjoys great punting, clock-killing drives and turnovers in the red zone.
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