James Holzhauer Wins 21st Jeopardy! Game, Second-Longest Streak Ever

James Holzhauer Wins 21st Jeopardy! Game, Second-Longest Streak Ever article feature image

Pictured: James Holzhauer

  • James Holzhauer, a professional sports bettor, is now up to 21 consecutive Jeopardy wins, which puts him at second on the all-time list, after Thursday night's victory.
  • Holzhauer has won more than $1.6 million, an incredible $77,000 per show.

About a month into his run of Jeopardy! dominance, James Holzhauer now sits second behind only Ken Jennings in the only two categories that really matter — games won and money won.

Holzhauer captured his 21st game on Thursday, moving past Julia Collins into second on Jeopardy!’s all-time list. Ken Jennings holds the record at 74 games.

Holzhauer, a professional sports bettor, was already second in money won and now sits at $1,608,627 in total winnings, about $900,000 shy of Jennings in that category. At his current pace, Holzhauer could best Jennings’ money record in 12 more games.

Most remarkably, Holzhauer is averaging almost $77,000 per game, which was the single-game record held by Austin Rogers in 2010. With $85,373 in Friday’s game, he’ll be averaging better than that. Holzhauer holds the top 11 spots on the single-game money list.

Here’s a full list of his games through May 1 (all data from TheJeopardyFan.com).

Jennings won 74 games in 2004, so Holzhauer is still a ways off from that. If Holzhauer does run the table on this season, which has already been taped, he’ll be at 62 wins heading into the fall.

Given his run of dominance, it’s possible. He’s got a Coryat score — money won independent of betting — better than Jennings and has answered 97% of his questions correctly. All but two of his games were decided entering Final Jeopardy, though he won by just $18 on Tuesday’s show.

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