Quizzing Jeopardy! James Holzhauer on Sports Betting Trivia


Jeopardy Productions. Pictured: James Holzhauer

May 03, 2019, 09:20 AM EDT

After James Holzhauer’s 21 consecutive wins on Jeopardy!, it’s pretty clear the professional sports bettor turned game show sensation has mastered the game. He won north of $80,000 on Thursday’s show, making Holzhauer second to only Ken Jennings all time in total earnings and consecutive victories on the show.

We’ve detailed his risk-taking strategy and talked 1-on-1 with him about his sports betting background, but now it’s time for a little fun. How well does Holzhauer know his sports betting trivia?

Our own trivia guru, Stuckey, worked up some questions and we put Jeopardy James to the test. Watch the video at the bottom to see how he did.

Be sure to listen to my entire conversation with James on The Favorites Podcast via YouTubeApple Podcasts or Spotify.

The Questions

If you’re interested in following along with the video below, here are the trivia questions we asked Holzhauer. No cheating!

1. How much does a two-team moneyline parlay of two standard (-110) bets pay?

2. Who hit the infamous half-court shot for Duke in the Final Four against UConn to led to the backdoor cover?

3. Which two teams combined to score 75 second-half points in the Super Bowl in 1995?

4. What is the Patriots’ against-the-spread record in their nine Super Bowl appearances since 2000?

5. Within three points, how many points was Appalachian State getting in its famous upset over Michigan in 2007?

6. What were the odds on Leicester City to win the Premier League before the season that they won?

7. Which state was the first to legalize single-game sports betting after the Supreme Court ruling last May?

8. Which 50-1 Kentucky Derby winner in 2009 became the biggest longshot to win since Donerail in 1913?

9. Which early 2000s World Series winner did Phil Mickelson famously put $20,000 on at 38-1 odds?

James Holzhauer Answers Sports Betting Trivia Questions

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