2018 Gambling Olympics: Over $6,000 in Side Action on Bales-Adams Yahtzee Finals

The Highlights

  • Jonathan Bales and Brandon Adams bet $1,000 on which one of them would have the higher finish in Yahtzee.
  • If one of them happened to win the overall Yahtzee event, he would get a $1,000 bonus. 
  • Bales and Adams made it to the Yahtzee finals, and $4,000 in additional side action was placed on the game, which Adams won.

After wagering $1,000 on one throw of Rock-Paper-Scissors yesterday, two high-rollers are at it again today. Before Day 2 of the Gambling Olympics started, Jonathan Bales and Brandon Adams entered into a $7,000 side bet, with $1,000 riding on their standings in the Yahtzee contest.

Amazingly, they both made it the Yahtzee finals.


Road to the Finals

Adams entered the Main Event as a +400 favorite, but he had a horrendous Day 1, finishing dead last in the standings. Nevertheless he wanted more action today, and (as part of a larger bet) he put up $1,000 at +110 to finish higher than Bales in the Yahtzee standings. Additionally, if he won the overall Yahtzee title, he’d get a $1,000 bonus. Bales risked $1,100 at -110 with the same possibility for the victory bonus.

Although he had never played a game of Yahtzee in his life, Adams defeated Paul Lo Duca in the first round, 265-172, finishing with the second-highest score, which earned him a second-round bye. In the third round he beat Pete Manzinelli, 220-202, to advance to the finals.

It just so happens that Bales also made it to the finals thanks to victories over Sean Koerner (Oddsmaker), Matt Brown and Scott Blumstein.

The winner of this head-to-head championship matchup would win at least $2,000.

Side Action & Odds

Once Bales and Adams were both slated for the finals, side action started pouring in. Naturally, the Oddsmaker set lines for the game.

Here are the lines he set.

  • Spread: Adams +7.5
  • Bales chance square over/under: 21.5 o (+100), 21.5 u (-120)
  • Bales final score over/under: 252.5
  • Adams final score over/under: 245.5

Unofficially, Koerner also set a moneyline of Adams +120 or so, but the market moved the line and made Adams an even bigger dog.

Before Koerner set lines, Peter Jennings and an unnamed source (who definitely wasn’t the author) made a $100 bet at +100 odds, with Jennings backing Adams.

After that, Jennings continued to put action on Adams, eventually betting $2,600 on him at +150 odds. Justin Phan was on the other side of the bet, backing Bales with a $3,900 investment.

In total, at least $6,000 was riding on the game.

2018 Gambling Olympics Yahtzee Championship

How did Adams do in just his third Yahtzee game ever? Watch the action for yourself.


  • Adams over Bales: 209-152
  • Bales chance square: 23
  • Adams: $2,100
  • Jennings: $4,000

As of writing, Adams still has $6,000 in play against Bales. Be sure to follow all of the Day 2 action.

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