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FanDuel Casino Bonuses & Promo Codes December 2021

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FanDuel is arguably the biggest sportsbook on the market right now thanks to its huge brand name, amazing promotions and favorable odds. Now the company is looking to become a pioneer in another sector of the gambling world: online casinos. FanDuel makes it easy for its sports fans to come over to their online casino using the same sportsbook app. Once on the casino side, users have a ton of slots, table games and live dealer options to choose from.

FanDuel Casino Bonus Code & Key Review Takeaways

FanDuel Casino Bonus Offer Risk-Free first day of gambling up to $1000
FanDuel Available Legal States NJ, PA, MI, and WV
FanDuel Casino Games Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Live Dealer Games and More
Bonus Last Verified December 2021

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FanDuel Casino Bonuses, How to Sign Up, and Games

FanDuel is one of the largest sportsbooks in the country and has been since transforming its main daily fantasy product into a site for online betting. With a backing that includes millions of sportsbook users, it makes sense that FanDuel was able to have a smooth transition into the online casino space.

FanDuel's casino is offered to players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia, and likely has its sights set on adding to that number once online casinos in more states across the country. With a large crop of slots, table games, live dealers and friendly promos in hand, FanFuel has created a favorable online casino product that is sure to keep users around just like with their sportsbook.

Read on for our full review, which covers everything players need and want to know about FanDuel's online casino and why it’s one of the most highly regarded platforms in the market today. We've also compared FanDuel head-to-head with online casino competitors like DraftKings, Unibet and SugarHouse, and they fared well in head-to-head matchups.

FanDuel Casino Bonus Codes & Promo Offers   undefined

Unlike some of the top online casinos, FanDuel does not offer a no-deposit bonus upon account activation. While this is unfortunately a huge draw for many new players in the market, FanDuel does offer an enticing risk-free first day of playing on their online casino for up to $1000.

FanDuel allows players to essentially test its product out first in hopes that they’ll want to continue playing after building a bankroll. Need help with budgeting that initial FanDuel bonus for a new player? We've got some helpful strategies on bankroll management and a betting odds calculator when you're ready.

With fierce competition within the industry, bonus codes and promos are paramount in grabbing new players and gaining sign-ups. It’s rare to find other online casinos offering a risk-free first day of up to $1000. This offer certainly does the trick for us. But is FanDuel's casino bonus legit?

FanDuel Online Casino Bonuses: The Fine Print

✅  Play Your First Day Risk Free Up to $1,000

The new customer offer is true: receive 100% back on your net casino losses incurred in your first 24 hours of play, up to $1,000. 

Here's how it works:

  • Click the 'Casino' icon on the homepage
  • FanDuel Casino Online Website:
  • Max refund $1,000
  • Bonus period begins on your first real money wager with your casino account and extends for 24 hours
  • No bonus less than $5 will be awarded
  • Bonus issued as site credit
  • Site credit will be automatically applied within 72 hours of completion of net loss period
  • Amount equal to site credit must be wagered before winnings can be withdrawn
  • Bonus expires 7 days after receipt

How to Sign Up at FanDuel Casino

Ready to claim that sweet risk-free first day? It'll just take a minute to sign up:

FanDuel Account Intro Page
FanDuel Account Intro Page

Step 1.Open the FanDuel Sportsbook app, the Casino only app, or go to their site, and maneuver over to the casino pages either at the bottom right (app) or top left in the blue bar (website).

Step 2. Click the green "Join Now" button in the top right corner.

Step 3. Enter your personal details:

  • Full Name 
  • Select a Unique Username
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Create a Secure Password
  • Social Security Number 
  • Phone Number
  • Home Address
Step 4. Enter in the verification code that should be sent to your email upon account verification.That's it!

Where can you claim FanDuel's Casino Promos? Only in states where online casinos are legal. As of October 2021, the FanDuel online casino is available to play in four U.S. states. To follow the legalization process of online sportsbooks, casinos and poker alike, view our legalization tracker.

Below we’ve noted the type of online wagering options (casino, sportsbooks and poker) FanDuel has available in each state, along with some hand-picked localized reviews from the Apple App Store and Google Play. It's important to note that FanDuel's casino product differs a little state-to-state, so looking at reviews on a local level is crucial.

undefined  FanDuel Casino Pennsylvania

FanDuel Casino PA is licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).
-App works great in my opinion. Play within your limits and have fun with it."
- “This game does not hit big and if you do hit a little bit stop because they will take it all back no matter what game you play"

undefinedFanDuel Casino New Jersey

FanDuel Casino NJ is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJ DGE)
- “FINALLY Fanduel casino is in New Jersey. Love Fanduel, my favorite by far.”
- “Glitches all the time after I log in every time I try to choose a slot it freezes and I have force-quit. EVERY TIME.“

Michigan.png FanDuel Casino Michigan

- “Best online casino game offerings in Michigan. Highly recommend!”
- “It says that this app works in Michigan, although every time i log in it says it's not available for my state.“

West Virginia.pngFanDuel Casino West Virginia

- “I love the lightning-fast withdrawal times on Fanduel! Way better than anywhere else.”
- “ keep getting the "unable to determine your location.“

A common theme in the U.S. is that users struggle with being accurately located even when in a state where FanDuel Casino offerings are legal. Importantly, if a player is not physically located in a legal state, they can access their account but cannot play games or place bets. As with all online wagering products available, the regulations vary a lot state-to-state.

Frequently, sources of geolocation problems from FanDuel players are poor WiFi, VPN usage, living near a state border (making it hard to verify), or new devices for a previously registered account. FanDuel offers details on some common geolocation issues and troubleshooting tips in their “help” resources for players.

FanDuel Casino App & Web undefined

To compete in today’s online casino market, a company must provide players with an app that is simple, easy to navigate, bug-free and, of course, entertaining. Our testing of FanDuel's online casino app was completed on an iPhone 12 and MacBook Pro in New Jersey. Overall, the experience was very positive. 

As in most areas these days, it’s helpful to read real product reviews from real customers when deciding between similar options. So with that in mind, we read through the hundreds of reviews on the Google Play and Apple App store to identify themes and common issues the broader population experienced. We hope to make sure new players are aware of the FanDuel Casino app’s pros and cons.

image 15.png Apple App Store Reviews

Fanduel casino apple app store rating 4.6/5

iOS User Negatives with FanDuel 75373_NegativeThumbsDown.png

  • Game Bugs After Update: We were seeing a lot of users complaining about games not downloading after updating to newer versions. We also saw that FanDuel responded and it appears the problem has been fixed with a new update. 
  • Issues with Location: Some users were frustrated with issues using the GPS and location software that makes using the app possible, placing them outside of their state making game-play impossible. Usually this is because the user is close to the border or there's a weak internet connection. 

iOS User Positives at FanDuel Casino 863682_PositiveThumbsUp.png

  • Fast Withdrawal Times: We see loads of users commenting on how impressed they are with FanDuel's fast withdrawal speed. 
  • Intuitive App: Users are pleased with the design of the app and how easy it is to use and navigate.
  • Game Selection and Live Dealers: Users cited loving the amount of classic games as well as new games available on the app. We also see users commenting on enjoying the Live Dealer selections. 

image 14.png Google Play FanDuel Casino Reviews

1,770 ratings 

Google play rating 3.7 ratings

Android User Negatives 75373_NegativeThumbsDown.png

  • Game Bugs After Update: Like Apple users, we're seeing the same bugs after updating the app. FanDuel appears to have fixed this issue. 
  • Issues with Location: Users on Android devices had similar struggles with app placing them in the wrong location. We've found that this is usually because a user is close to a state border or have a weak connection. 

Android User Positives 863682_PositiveThumbsUp.png

    • Fast Withdrawals: Users are thrilled with the "lightning-fast" withdrawal times on FanDuel.
    • Great User Interface: Users like the ease of navigating and using this app citing that it's intuitive and not as confusing as some of their competitors apps.
    • Large Game Selection: We're seeing users cite enjoying the large amount of games that are offered on FanDuel Casino.

    FanDuel Casino Web

    An online casino site must operate quickly and intuitively. For the most part, FanDuel does so when used on a desktop or laptop computer and rates highly vs. the competition.

    FanDuel Casino's Website Homepage
    FanDuel Casino's Website Homepage

    Web Experience: FanDuel edges out its biggest competitor

    Category: Web Experience

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. DraftKings

    Measured: Core Web Vitals, PageSpeed, First Input Delay

    FanDuel and DraftKings will always be viewed as head-to-head rivals based on their battles in the fantasy and sports betting markets. On the casino side of things, FanDuel starts out with the edge based on PageSpeed Insight (Score of 18 for FanDuel, Score of 8 for DraftKings). FanDuel also killed it on First Input Delay, coming in at 32 ms versus DraftKings' 104 ms.

    To stand apart from competitors, online casinos must hook users by replicating the real-life casino experience as closely as possible in a digital format. FanDuel rates well in this area by surfacing the information players need quickly and intuitively.

     Live Gaming Navigation: FanDuel takes another round over DraftKings

    Category: Live Game Navigation

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. DraftKings

    Measured: Click Depth, Design Friction

    First off, FanDuel makes it quick and easy to find where you can play games with live dealers. FanDuel puts live dealers as the fourth option (third if you don't count the home button that you start on) in their top nav section. The nav section as a whole is much more prevalent on the page compared to DraftKings, which has it vertically on the left side of the screen and without any distinct colors that help you see what you're looking for -- though this issue is better on the app. Live dealers are sixth (or fifth) on that nav section.

    Naturally, issues will arise, technical or otherwise. Users must be confident that an online casino will solve their problems. While FanDuel is seemingly up to par with the rest of the industry, DraftKings did get a slight nod over it.

    Site Support:

    Phone Number: 646-930-0860


    Customer Service Support: DraftKings gets the nod

    Category: Customer Service Support

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. DraftKings

    Measured: Time-to-response, time-to-resolution, number of CS touchpoints, number of communications to resolve an issue

    Both sites make you go to the bottom of the page to find the "Help" tabs. Both sites then take you to the FAQ section and have little chat support button on the bottom right available to use if needed. Where DraftKings takes the cake here is their casino guide and how to play section. They have an entire page devoted to showing players -- with videos included -- how to use their site, how to play the online games, and how to win. If that's not customer support, then I don't know what is.

    Overall, the FanDuel online casino has a leg up on its biggest competitor in DraftKings due to its well-rounded and solid playing experience on the web. It generally performs in a way players will be pleased with.

    FanDuel Online Casino Game Selection undefined

    If there’s one area where FanDuel thrives, it’s in the diversity and the sheer number of games it offers. If anything, players may feel bombarded with the amount to choose from, but they should be able to find games that fit their playing style and personal interests in no time. It's quite impressive how they've been able to handle their fantasy and sports betting initiative, while also stepping up to this level in the online casino industry as well.

    Table Games at FanDuel Casino

    Players can choose from a wide variety of popular table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker and more, with multiple variations of each. Included in there are the Live Dealer games, which include Blackjack, Roulette and more.  

    FanDuel Live Dealer Game Options
    FanDuel Live Dealer Game Options

    Live Dealer Availability: FanDuel comes out on top

    Category: Live Dealer Availability

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. Unibet

    Measured: Total Hours Live Dealer Offering Available per day and week

    In addition to being clear about their hours of operation (unlike a lot of the online casinos we've reviewed), FanDuel is also one of the few that offer Live Dealers on a 24/7 basis. Unibet is just an example of one of the many online casinos that don't offer 24/7 Live Dealer games. They give their dealers a few hours off during the odd hours of the night, but this impacts some of those night owl type players that want to see a real face when they're gambling their money.

    Virtual Blackjack at  FanDuel

    Icon Fill.png Variety of Options: FanDuel doesn't just give you one or two choices, but eight. From your classic Blackjack to Multi Hands Perfect Pairs, you have a few games to choose from in the virtual department.

    minus circle.png No Minimum Specification: Most people would like to know what they're about to get themselves into when it comes to a minimum bet in any game. FanDuel doesn't provide that luxury at first glance when looking at the info tabs on their virtual Blackjacks games.

    Live Blackjack at FanDuel

    Icon Fill.png Multiple Tables: FanDuel has eight live regular Blackjack tables open at once, while another unlimited Blackjack table is available as well.

    minus circle.png No Seat Totals: You can't preview how many players are at a specific table, which can be frustrating to players who are looking to play alone, or for players that want a full audience.

      Live Game Diversity: FanDuel wins out of sheer existence

    Category: Live Game Diversity

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. PointsBet

    Measured: Count of Unique Game Names

    FanDuel takes the W here simply for actually having a Live Dealer lobby available. PointsBet has yet to jump into arguably the biggest part of the online casino market that is Live Dealer games, so until then, it'll stand below the top tier pack. Compared to others that do offer Live Dealer games, FanDuel holds its own with multiple Blackjack lobbies, Roulette, Poker and more available to play -- and 24/7 at that.

    Slot Games FanDuel Casino

    Like most online casinos, Slots at FanDuel make up the majority of the platform's game library. They have a large variety of games to choose from and, in a smart move, put Slots as the No. 1 game option to choose from on their main nav tab at the top of their site.

    Our FanDuel Slot Takeaways:

    Icon Fill.png Info Sashes: FanDuel puts informative sashes on some of their Slot games that help indicate if it's a new game to their site or if the game offers a jackpot. 

    minus circle.png No Demo Play: FanDuel doesn't offer visitors of their site to try games out before making an account. You have to be signed up and logged in to even view a game properly. Even once you're signed in, there is no demo option.

    Game Winners: DraftKings knocks out its rival

    Category: Game Winners

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. DraftKings

    Measured: Clarity on outcome messaging across game types, available information about recent winners

    FanDuel doesn't appear to offer a list of game or big jackpot winners on site, whereas DraftKings has a whole section dedicated to a leaderboard, which shows results of all their past contest and daily winners. You don't even have to have a DraftKings account to view the recent winners. FanDuel needs to catch up to its top competitor on this front.

    FanDuel Casino Roulette

    FanDuel has a smaller selection of Roulette games at five -- American, European, French, Advanced and Live (with two lobbies available). At the end of the day, no matter which version you play, the object of roulette stays the same: bet correctly on where the ball will land.

    Icon Fill.png Low Minimums: American Roulette offers a $1 minimum, while European and French Roulette go even lower at just 10 cents. 

    minus circle.png Small Selection: As we stated above, FanDuel is lacking a bit in the roulette department, but then again, there aren't too many extra game options they could've added. Live Roulette is sure to be the biggest draw anyway.

    New Casino Games

    FanDuel has a whole section in their top nav dedicated to new games in their library. When you also look in other more specific sections, you can see a "New" sash on the top left corner of games. The overwhelming majority of new games are Slots, but that's to be expected.

     Exclusive Game Offerings: SugarHouse takes this round

    Category: Exclusive Game Offerings

    Comparison: FanDuel vs. SugarHouse

    Measured: Clarity on outcome messaging across game types, available information about recent winners

    FanDuel doesn't have any exclusive games -- or at least doesn't market any of their games as being exclusive to their site. SugarHouse doesn't have many, but they do have a few games on site that have "Exclusive" sashes on their top right corners. If SugarHouse were to create an exclusive game tab to their nav section, then it'd be easier to narrow down just how many they actually do offer.

    FanDuel’s Most Popular Games

    From the jump when you come onto their site, FanDuel puts their most popular games right now at the top of the page. From Divine Fortune and 88 Fortunes Jackpots, to Live Roulette and Unlimited Blackjack, you can see all the hottest games and try them out for yourself. 

    FanDuel Casino's Banking, Payouts, and Rewards undefined

    FanDuel allows players to deposit funds with ease directly from a bank account or preferred credit/debit card. Choose from:

    • Visa/Mastercard Credit/Debit cards
    • FanDuel Play+ Prepaid card
    • PayPal
    • Venmo
    • ACH/eCheck
    • Online Bank Transfer
    • Wire transfer
    • Paper Check
    • PayNearMe


    Here’s how to withdraw cash from your FanDuel account in a few simple steps:

    • Ensure that you are signed in on the web or mobile app
    • Navigate to the My Account button (bottom or top right corner)
    • Next, click on the blue Withdrawal button
    • Select a preferred method of withdrawal and enter the amount
    • Hit the withdraw button!

    Like most online casinos, there are more options, and it's faster to deposit than to withdraw. This can be frustrating for users but is also a savvy business decision to keep us coming back. FYI: FanDuel does have a minimum withdrawal amount of $10 for both its sportsbook and online casino. 

    FanDuel Casino VIP Rewards Program

    A major benefit of signing up to play at the FanDuel Online Casino is that all players are invited to join the Loyalty Club. Tier points and bonuses become a continuous part of your experience if you join.

    • For every $1 wagered at a slot machine, you receive (5) tier points.
    • For every $1 wagered on Roulette, Table Games & Video Poker, you will receive (3) tier points.
    • For every $1 wagered on Blackjack, you will receive (1) tier point.

    Every month you earn a tier level based on the amount of points you accumulate. Those tiers are broken down like this: 

    • Iron Level 0 – 12,499 points: 5,000 points to redeem $1 in bonus cash.
    • Bronze Level 12,500 – 99,000: Allows players to redeem $1 in bonus cash with just 4,000 points.
    • Silver Level 100,000 – 250,000: This tier adds the receiving of exclusive VIP bonuses via email or text message along with lowering the threshold to 3000 points to redeem $1 in bonus cash.
    • Gold Level 250,000-500,000: Lower threshold to redeem $1 in bonus at just 2000 points. Also provides all the VIP offers of the silver package, but also access to exclusive VIP events and gifts each month you earn gold status. These gifts can include free concert tickets, fine dining dinners, and even luxury wine and spirits.
    • Platinum Level 1,250,000 – 2,500,000:  The Platinum level requires a big jump to 1.25M points, but grants access to the offers of all other tiers along with lowering the $1 bonus cost to a low of 1,000 points. Also offers players access to a VIP host for their time at the FanDuel Casino.
    green and black poker chips

    FanDuel Casino Bonus Review Summary

    • 9

      FanDuel Casino Bonus Overall Score

      Action Network's FanDuel Online Casino Summary

      Our final thoughts on FanDuel’s online casino bonuses and casino offers:

      • Best Casino for Sports Fans. FanDuel is slowly integrating its casino into its platform, but with so many sports fans being drawn to their sportsbook, it makes it very easy for their millions of users to click into the casino right on the front page of the sportsbook and start playing games right away.
      • Big Risk-Free Bonus Upon Entry: FanDuel offers players a risk-free first day of gambling in the casino for up to $1000 of plays.
      • Strong Customer Needs: Between the customer service and their deposit/withdrawal systems, FanDuel has their players covered.
      • Location Check-Ins can be Annoying: Like with the sportsbook, the new FanDuel user interface includes way too frequent geolocation verifications that pop up at the bottom of your screen. Sometimes, they can impose on placing bets.

    Steve Petrella is a senior editor for The Action Network covering college football, among other things like casinos. He’s a Penn State grad now based in Atlanta who enjoys great punting, clock-killing drives and turnovers in the red zone.

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