Better Call Saul Betting Odds & Picks: Expert Predictions for Final 6 Episodes

Better Call Saul Betting Odds & Picks: Expert Predictions for Final 6 Episodes article feature image

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 18: (L-R) Gordon Smith, Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Peter Gould, and Tony Dalton attends the “Better Call Saul” Premiere during 2022 Tribeca Festival at BMCC Tribeca PAC on June 18, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

The final chapter of the greatest story ever told in television history has finally arrived.

Better Call Saul will wrap with six final episodes beginning on Monday night, July 11. The scheduling window could not be more perfect, concluding August 15 just before football season and the premiere of a new Game of Thrones.

The story has been told over a span of 14 years since Breaking Bad first hit the air in January 2008.

In 2015, Better Call Saul was tapped as the precursor for the events that led up to Walter White getting into the meth empire business. In total 119 episodes are in the books, displaying nothing but perfection from a visual, verbal and emotional scale.

Creator Vince Gilligan is the master of hiding answers in plain sight, but the final six episodes will close the near decade-long question of what happens to Kim Wexler.

Bob Odenkirk mentioned that the two shows are so entwined that the conclusion of Saul will have most fans going back to Breaking Bad for review. While that does not give a definitive answer on the location of Kim Wexler during Los Pollos Hermanos' most profitable years, there is a reason to think her character will cast a shadow over both series.


— Rhea Seehorn (@rheaseehorn) December 18, 2021

As a former star of True Detective Season 3 and correctly betting the conclusion in Game of Thrones, predicting the ending of Better Call Saul has been a tricky task. Thankfully there are gambling lines on all the questions we have for the final six episodes.

This betting preview WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so any readers not aware of the latest happenings with Howard Hamlin and Ignacio "Nacho" Varga may want to proceed with caution.

Who is ready to find out that Kim was an integral part of the Cartel during all of Breaking Bad?

— Collin Wilson (@_Collin1) April 18, 2022

If Kim Wexler is Murdered, Who will be the Murderer?

Lalo Salamanca -115 · Salamanca Twins +300 · Gus Fring +350 · Victor +600 · Tyrus +900 · Don Eladio, Mike Ehrmantraut +1000

Never in the viewing of the 57 episodes to date have I ever believe Kim Wexler is dead during Better Call Saul. As mentioned before, Gilligan likes to give us the answers in plain sight without telling us what direction the writing will take the viewer. During the Season 2 opener both Saul and Kim are swindling "Ken Wins" into a tab full of free alcohol.

Break out the good stuff. #ZafiroAñ

— Better Call Saul (@BetterCallSaul) August 7, 2018

This is the first episode, from a chronological standpoint, that the tequila Zafiro Añejo is on display. This beverage was introduced by Miss Kim Wexler as a suggestion, linking her to Gustavo Fring.

Is it a coincidence that Fring brought the same bottle to Don Eladio's pool with intentions to murder the entire cartel? There are no mistakes or coincidental details with Gilligan's writing, indicating that Wexler is very much alive when Fring travels to Mexico in Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 8 'Hermanos.'

Still, this is Gilligan and not the writers or Game of Thrones. While the latter chose to keep most of the main characters alive, Breaking Bad had no rules on character death in episode 'Ozymandias.'

If there is a murder of Wexler, all signs point to Lalo Salamanca, who is currently in a rage of serial killer activities. Again, that is not how Gilligan writes his stories and if the reflection is back on actress Rhea Seehorn's tweet, then my money is on Mike Ehrmantraut at 10/1 odds.

That may be too far-fetched for some, but there is no reason to think that Wexler is not disposed of after Hermanos. If seeing the demise of Werner Ziggler brought a tear to the eye, imagine the devastating drama of Mike murdering Kim on the orders of Gus.

Pick: Mike Ehrmantraut +1000

Total Laundromat Security Guards Lalo Murders?

Under 4.5 Guards -140 · Over 4.5 Guards +100

Last seen sitting in the gutter monitoring Gustavo Fring's laundromat, Lalo Salamanca recorded a video for the cartel. Lalo played the role of gumshoe in forecasting Fring's desire to produce his own product and elbow the cartel out of the US market. The next step is for Lalo to be standing in the lab Walter White would make famous.

The number at 4.5 is a bit gratuitous, seeing as Jimmy McGill's joyride to pickup seven million is the only event to see a half dozen people murdered. Lalo will climatically get into the lab, as Gilligan made it clear Gus was planting a revolver on a bulldozer for later use.

As far as how many guards are killed, neither Tyrus nor Victor will be present, which equals less of a need for the director to focus on a large number of nameless deaths.

The real drama is when Lalo gets into the laboratory, where his character is rumored to perish and reside throughout Breaking Bad.

Pick: Under 4.5 Guards -140

In Which Episode Will Lalo Salamanca Perish?

Episodes 11-13 -180 · Episode 8-10 +150

The question must be asked as to why the writers would want to kill arguably the greatest heel in television history.

Actor Tony Dalton has created a character who will shoot goosebumps through your skin while giving the body a jolt of anxiety. Could Lalo possibly be gone for the last three episodes? Gus tells Hector Salamanca he will be the last of his name, indicating Fring knows the fate of Lalo.

More importantly, Saul Goodman still believes Lalo is alive when his character is first introduced in Breaking Bad. We last saw Lalo handing Howard Hamlin his pink slip from the show, indicating he has plans for both Saul and Kim. Episode 8 is titled "Point and Shoot" and is directed by show creator Vince Gilligan.

If the revolver in the lab was planted by Gus to kill Lalo, then expect Kim to make a call to Mike soon after the murder of Howard Hamlin.

Pick: Episodes 8-10 +150

Who Will be Seen First?

Hank Schrader -200 · Tuco Salamanca +150

Tight, Tight, Tight[! Tuco will make his grand exit from prison before taking over the cartel business. This not only loops the first season of Breaking Bad, but also leads to a possible interface with cousin Lalo.

The question of seeing Tuco versus Hank may come down to timing in the script. Does Hank know that Cap'n Cook is a peasant chef under wholesale dealer Tuco Salamanca? The raid of Emilio's apartment, via informant Crazy Eight, is enough to believe a scene comes with Hank before the prison release and cartel workings of Tuco.

Whoever made this edit deserves an Oscar! 🤣☠️🤣

— BIG K₳HUN₳ 🔮 (@BigKahunaaa) July 5, 2022

Pick: Hank Schrader -200

Who Will be Seen First?

Jesse Pinkman -300 · Walter White +200

In case you missed it, both Jesse and Walt are returning in more than just a short cameo. Multiple interviews have stated that the duo will return to evolve the story of Kim, Saul and Mike.

There have been hints that some timeline jet packing will happen with a fast forward and rewind. Certain parts of the Breaking Bad story will be revisited with answers to questions lingering.

They're coming back.

— Better Call Saul (@BetterCallSaul) April 10, 2022

Will Kim be the silent lawyer representation for Gustavo Fring? Will Mike Ehrmantraut take Kim under his wing to help Madrigal Electromotive hide barrels of precursor? Has Kim represented Jesse Pinkman already in a Pro Bono case?

The reason for the juice on Pinkman may come because of the last questions. Season Five episode "Bagman" mentioned Jesse indirectly when Saul asks Kim about a case with a kid who was kicked out of his house because of a joint. There are also multiple references to Krazy 8 throughout the series, a direct tie to Pinkman.

Pick: Jesse Pinkman -300

Will Kim Wexler Use the Vacuum Repair to Escape?

Yes -180 · No +140

Building off a previous answer, there is every reason to think Kim is still around during Breaking Bad.

Calling Ed Galbraith at "Best Quality Vacuum" is an idea directed at Saul and Kim after an attempt to purchase a black book of criminal activity from the local veterinarian.

Actor Robert Forster has passed away since scenes in El Camino and Breaking Bad, but there is no reason to think audio clips cannot be used to indicate Ed the Vacuum cleaner is alive and ready to accept $100,000 to vanish a citizen.

#bettercallsaulseason6#BetterCallSaul s6e6

The famous “Best Quality Vacuum Repair” in the Veterinarian’s black book.

Now we know where Saul got his connect from…

— RealityStella (@realitystella) May 17, 2022

Every fan of Saul and Bad wants Kim to make that call and be part of Gene Takovic's life in Omaha. Whether or not she actually is a Wexler, Kim does love Jimmy and will want to get out of town when Madrigal is exposed. That moment may come after Gustavo Fring has half his face blown off by Hector Salamanca and not in the immediate timeline with Lalo lurking.

While the show creators and cast have been tight lipped about what happens to Kim, this bet is completely on gut.

A bet on "No" could be used as an emotional hedge to Miss Wexler calling Ed and soon be working next to the Cinnabon in the Omaha mall. Considering the writers have no hesitation in killing any character off, a bet on "No" also cashes when that Ozymandias moment comes for the Saul finale.

Pick: No +140

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