Matt Moore
890 Posts

Matt Moore
890 Posts
NBA analysis and reporting
Senior NBA Writer
8 years
Denver, Colorado


Matt has been covering the NBA since 2008, working for AOL FanHouse, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports before joining The Action Network at its inception.


Matt is considered a leading voice in NBA MVP and playoff chase coverage, and has interviewed MVPs and role players alike. Emerging from the early blog years of the late-2000's, he built a name for himself on his maniacal dedication to covering all aspects of the game. After covering top level analysis and making picks for CBS Sports for 7 years, he made the leap to join Action Network based on his passion for analyzing NBA betting. Moore managed to get himself one (1) NBA awards vote in 2017. He is regularly turned to as an authority on the MVP race and can already tell you who hold tiebreakers between two teams no matter when you're reading this.


Matt graduated from the University of Missouri, and somehow did NOT graduate from the school's prestigious journalism school. Go figure.

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Favorite Bet of All-Time
In September of 2018, Matt traveled to Milwaukee for Buck's training camp to cover the first season under new coach Mike Budenholzer. He subsequently wrote two articles advocating for the Bucks over and Giannis Antetokounmpo for MVP. Both were easy wins.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
He doesn't want to talk about the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals or Fred VanVleet. Ever again.
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