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No Sweat Needed: Royals Make Quick Work of Total with 10 First Inning Runs

May 09, 2018 8:07 PM EDT

Peter Aiken – USA TODAY Sports

The Highlights

  • It took 25 minutes for over 8.5 bettors in the Royals-Orioles game to cash their tickets.
  • Baltimore pitcher Dylan Bundy allowed 10 runs in the top of the first inning.
  • According to Bill James’ Game Score metric, Bundy’s performance is tied for the 15th-worst start of all time and the worst since 1998.

For anyone out there who took the under in the Royals-Orioles game … Probably not the finest 25 minutes of your life. That’s right, 25 minutes — perhaps less.


Let me set the stage for those of you unaware of the logistics. Danny Duffy and Dylan Bundy were set to face off in Baltimore, and 74% of bettors took over 8.5.

Both Duffy and Bundy have struggled as of late, with the latter allowing five homers and 12 earned runs over his past two starts entering the night.

Let’s just say his misfortunes continued.


His line: 0.0 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 walks, 4 homers, infinity ERA. I am almost certain that you could toss me on the hill and just by sheer luck, I’d be able to get an out with my 78-mile-per-hour cheddar before seven runs scored. Am I better than Bundy in the long haul? Eh, probably not, but you never know until a club gives me a chance.

The one positive for the 24% of bettors on the under? It was quick and relatively painless — like a ripping off a Band-Aid. Well, except for the brutally painful embarrassment you’ll suffer if any of your friends knew about the pick.

Per Bill James’ Game Score metric, Bundy’s score of -19 is tied for the 15th-worst start of all time and the worst since Mike Oquist allowed 14 earned runs over five innings against the Yankees in 1998.

Photo: Dylan Bundy

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