Updated AFC West Title Odds

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Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos

The Chiefs are coming off another Super Bowl and have cemented themselves as the active dynasty in the NFL. 

Kansas City is -165 to win the AFC West heading into the season. 

Last year, it seemed the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos had a chance to push the Chiefs for the No. 1 crown in the AFC West. 

But it's clear now that the Chiefs are so far ahead of both organizations. 

The Chargers have the best odds to try and take the Chiefs' crown. The Chargers are +290 to win the AFC West. This is a big year for the job security of Brandon Staley. 

The Broncos are further down the list at +600. Russell Wilson has a lot to prove heading into 2023. 

The Raiders are longshots to win the AFC West at +1600. 

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Kansas City ChiefsChiefs
Las Vegas RaidersRaiders
Denver BroncosBroncos

Past AFC West Winners

Odds via Sports Odds History prior to Week 1 of that season.

The second decade of the 2000s was dominated by the Broncos in the first half and the Kansas City Chiefs ever since. The Chargers were the team to beat in the mid-to-late 2000s, while the Raiders won the first crown since the division was constructed into how we see it today.

Year Team Record Odds
2002 Las Vegas Raiders 9–7 +100
2003 Kansas City Chiefs 13–3 +220
2004 Los Angeles Chargers 12–4 +700
2005 Denver Broncos 13–3 +250
2006 Los Angeles Chargers 14–2 +200
2007 Los Angeles Chargers 11–5 -150
2008 Los Angeles Chargers 8–8 -400
2009 Los Angeles Chargers 13–3 -400
2010 Kansas City Chiefs 10–6 +800
2011 Denver Broncos 8–8 +1400
2012 Denver Broncos 13–3 +150
2013 Denver Broncos 13–3 -455
2014 Denver Broncos 12–4 -400
2015 Denver Broncos 12–4 -160
2016 Kansas City Chiefs 12–4 +160
2017 Kansas City Chiefs 10–6 +225
2018 Kansas City Chiefs 12–4 +275
2019 Kansas City Chiefs 12–4 -200
2020 Kansas City Chiefs 14–2 -400
2021 Kansas City Chiefs 12–5 -275
2022 Kansas City Chiefs 14-3 +170

Broncos logoDenver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have two periods in history to look back upon -- the John Elway era and the Peyton Manning era. Elway led Denver to back-to-back Super Bowl titles in the late 1990s, the franchise's first taste of glory after falling in their first four Super Bowl appearances in years priors. Fast forward to 2013 and Manning started his second season as a Bronco by tying the league record for touchdowns in a game and ran off with the MVP there after, setting passing records in yards and touchdowns on the way. Though Denver would fall to Seattle in the Super Bowl, they returned two years later and sent Manning off with his second ring and a third for the franchise with a win over the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos thought Russell Wilson was the guy to bring them back to where they've been many times before. After a difficult 2022 season, the Broncos are going to have to figure out if they need to tear it down and start all over. 

  • Playoff Berths: 22
  • Division Titles: 15
  • AFC Championships: 8
  • Super Bowl Championships: 3

Chiefs logoKansas City Chiefs

When it comes to spans between playoffs successes, the Chiefs are up there at the top. After winning three championships in the 60s, including Super Bowl IV with Len Dawson, the Chiefs didn't return to the big game until 2019. After a tough playoff outing in 2018, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and many more led the Chiefs to a comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. They followed it up with a Super Bowl loss a season later and then lifted the Lombardi Trophy in 2023. How long can this dynasty last? 

  • Playoff Berths: 21
  • Division Titles: 13
  • AFC Championships: 3
  • Super Bowl Championships: 3

Raiders logoLas Vegas Raiders

Once in Oakland, then Los Angeles and back in Oakland, the Raiders now call Las Vegas home. The Raiders have made four Super Bowls in their history and have three Lombardi Trophies in their case to prove it. Ironically enough, their lone loss in the Big Game came at the hands of their former head coach, Jon Gruden. The Davis family has held onto the franchise since 1972, with Al's son, Mark, maintaining control of the team since his father's death in 2011. While competitive at times, the Raiders missed the playoffs from 2002-2016. The Raiders have moved on from Derek Carr and are fully in rebuilding mode, once again. 

  • Playoff Berths: 20
  • Division Titles: 12
  • AFC Championships: 4
  • Super Bowl Championships: 3

Chargers logoLos Angeles Chargers

One of the few teams to never win a Super Bowl, the Chargers had their one shot back in 1994, but fell to state-rival, the San Francisco 49ers. A new era came in 2004 with the arrival of Philip Rivers. While he never led them to a Super Bowl, Rivers put on a show during regular season play, led the Chargers to the playoffs seven times and won the AFC West five times. With his departure in 2020, the Chargers drafted QB Justin Herbert sixth overall and haven't looked back since. It's now time for Herbert to take the next step, which includes a run in the playoffs. Is this the year?

  • Playoff Berths: 15
  • Division Titles: 10
  • AFC Championships: 1
  • Super Bowl Championships: 0
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