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Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles surprised a lot of people after taking the league by storm in 2022. 

They catapulted their way to an NFC Championship and Super Bowl appearance when they weren't expected to be an elite team in the NFL. Now it is time for Jalen Hurts and company to back that up. 

The Eagles are -135 favorites to win the NFC East and one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. 

But the Cowboys are still lurking. The Cowboys are +195 to win the NFC East despite losing a couple of their big-name players during the offseason. 

Then there is a massive drop-off to the next two teams. The Giants are +900. They have built themselves a core with Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley but are they good enough to compete for an NFC East title? 

The Commanders are in the middle of a rebuild and it doesn't seem like Ron Rivera will be there for long. The Commanders are +1300 to win the division. 

Odds via DraftKings and updated in real-time.

Philadelphia EaglesEagles
Dallas CowboysCowboys

Past NFC East Winners

Odds via Sports Odds History prior to Week 1 of that season.

The NFC East hasn't had a repeat winner since the Eagles won it four years in a row from 2001-04. Will the carousel continue this season? The Eagles are now on the clock to try and repeat and are the favorites to do so ahead of the season.

Year Team Record Odds
2002 Philadelphia Eagles 12–4 -180
2003 Philadelphia Eagles 12–4 -180
2004 Philadelphia Eagles 13–3 -185
2005 New York Giants 11–5 +700
2006 Philadelphia Eagles 10–6 +275
2007 Dallas Cowboys 13–3 +180
2008 New York Giants 12–4 +325
2009 Dallas Cowboys 11–5 +175
2010 Philadelphia Eagles 10–6 +275
2011 New York Giants 9-7 +300
2012 Washington Commanders 10–6 +1000
2013 Philadelphia Eagles 10–6 +350
2014 Dallas Cowboys 12–4 +500
2015 Washington Commanders 9–7 +3500
2016 Dallas Cowboys 13–3 +200
2017 Philadelphia Eagles 13–3 +250
2018 Dallas Cowboys 10–6 +350
2019 Philadelphia Eagles 9–7 -160
2020 Washington Commanders 7–9 +2200
2021 Dallas Cowboys 12–5 +135
2022 Philadelphia Eagles 14-3 +130

Cowboys logoDallas Cowboys

Another one of the NFL's storied franchises, the Dallas Cowboys are tied for the second most Super Bowl wins in league history with five. A couple in the 1970s followed by winning three of four from 1992-95 has them in the running for one of the best franchises ever. From Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, to Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Tony Dorsett (plus many more), the Cowboys have seen some of the best offensive players in the game wear the Dallas star on their helmets. Even as we fast forward to the 2020s, though we haven't seen much playoff success, it's not because of the lack of talent. The Cowboys no longer have Ezekiel Elliot but they still have a nice core with the likes of Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.

  • Playoff Berths: 31
  • Division Titles: 21
  • NFC Championships: 8
  • Super Bowl Championships: 5

Giants logoNew York Giants

The New York Football Giants certainly know how to make the most of the opportunities presented in front of them, having won four of their five Super Bowl appearances over the years. The Giants are as sporadic as a franchise can get, missing the playoffs for years and years on one end, while also being tied for the third most Super Bowls in NFL history -- thanks in part to Phil Simms, Otis Anderson, Lawrence Taylor, Eli Manning, David Tyree and a slew of other players. Taylor is considered one of the greatest players of all-time, while Manning is widely considered the greatest Giant of all-time thanks to his 16-year career at quarterback and two Super Bowl MVPs. Daniel Jones has been billed as the next franchise quarterback but how much longer can Giants fans believe in Jones? 

  • Playoff Berths: 16
  • Division Titles: 8
  • NFC Championships: 5
  • Super Bowl Championships: 4

Eagles logoPhiladelphia Eagles

The Eagles spent years and years trying to claw their way to a Super Bowl title, and after failing in their first twos appearance back in 1980 and 2004, The Birds got it done in 2018 -- with backup QB Nick Foles rising to the occasion after starter Carson Wentz's season ending injury and putting together an unforgettable run that culminated in defeating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. The Eagles went through years of hardships despite having some extremely talented players on their roster, including Brain Dawkins, Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, Donavan McNabb, LeSean McCoy and Terrell Owens. The Eagles sniffed another Super Bowl last season, is this the year they take the whole thing? 

  • Playoff Berths: 25
  • Division Titles: 12
  • NFC Championships: 4
  • Super Bowl Championships: 1

Commanders logoWashington Commanders

New name, new team? Washington has gone through a few names over the last few seasons, but it looks like the Commanders are here to stay now. But despite the name change, Washington's history won't go away that easy.  The team in red and yellow has three Lombardis in their trophy case and have been competitive through many years in the league. But the 2000s have been pretty quiet for the most part, with just five playoff appearances and three division titles added to their books as of late. Finding the right quarterback has been an issue ever since the Joe Theismann era and Robert Griffin III's injuries that derailed what was to be a stellar career. Jason Campbell, Donavan McNabb, Rex Grossman, Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith highlight some of the quarterbacks that have tried to turn things around in the 2000s, but failed to do much. A strong defense and some offensive weapons look to keep them just one signal caller short of becoming contenders again.

  • Playoff Berths: 19
  • Division Titles: 9
  • NFC Championships: 5
  • Super Bowl Championships: 3
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