Friday’s Lead: AFC East Betting Preview, Fantasy Football RB Projections, NBA MVP Picks

Friday’s Lead: AFC East Betting Preview, Fantasy Football RB Projections, NBA MVP Picks article feature image

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NFL: The Brady Bunch

Back in 2008, “The Dark Knight” ruled the box office, Barack Obama was elected to his first term as president, and the 11-5 Miami Dolphins won the AFC East. That was the last time a team other than the New England Patriots won that division. Will the 10-year anniversary of Tony Sparano’s wild n’ crazy Wildcats yield something different? According to our experts in our first wave of NFL team previews, the answer is a resounding “no”

Running Back Projections
One of the benefits of being part of The Action Network family is that you get access to Sean Koerner’s brain, and his brain is arguably the best fantasy football brain out there. Today, the man who loves projections more than a drive-in movie theater owner crunches the numbers on the best running backs for 2018

Friday’s Preseason Action
If you like your QBs young and brimming with potential, Friday’s preseason slate is perfect for you: Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen all will play. But are any of them worth a bet?

FREE TRIAL: Go Pro (Not The Camera)

Tiny devices that record images are cool, but a free trial plus 60% off your first year’s subscription? Significantly cooler. Take advantage of our limited time sign-up offer and bet like a PRO this season…

NBA: Come at the King

Rob Perez concocted a formula for winning the NBA MVP:

Step 1: Be very good at basketball
Step 2: Be LeBron James
Step 3: If you can’t be LeBron James, be Anthony Davis

Sounds pretty full-proof

Greek To Me
Bryan Mears misses the NBA so much that he spent his valuable time testing a theory on whether a team’s pythagorean win total from the previous season can help bettors find value in the win totals market. Did he find the “right angle”? All things being equilateral, Mears’ findings were definitely acute

NCAA FOOTBALL: You Play to Cover the Game

After a lengthy sideline sabbatical, Herm Edwards will dust off the ol’ Motorola headset this fall as he begins his new life as head coach at Arizona State. Will Herm’s tenure be a success? For you it can be. All you need to do is follow Collin Wilson’s advice and fade Hermie early and often

Luck of the Draw
So much of college football comes down to the schedule. To help make you money, Locky Lockerson has zeroed in on a few teams that will benefit from playing more not-so-good teams than good teams


Sobel’s Story: How did our ace golf writer Jason Sobel break into the sport? It’s a great story, and it all starts with his grandfather’s ancient clubs

That Don’t Regress Me Much: Want to find some teams due for some regression in the NFL? Why not start with the ones that won 13 games last season

Best ATS Records: Next time you want to impress your Bumble date just tell them you know which college teams had the best records ATS over the past five seasons. Looking at you, Temple

Podcast: In the latest episode of The Action Colleges Podcast Stuckey and Collin Wilson previewed the Group of 5, which sounds like the worst boy band of all-time…

Ramsey’s Ramblings: If you missed Jalen Ramsey’s rant to GQ earlier this week, you missed trash-talking gold. But how accurate were Jalen’s insults? Marky Gallant reveals whether Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Josh Allen, and Eli Manning are all actually terrible at throwing footballs

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