Dylan Wilkerson

42 Posts
Dylan Wilkerson
42 Posts
Wolverines, Titans, Reds, Golden Knights, Grizzlies, Gamblers, and Galaxy Enthusiast
SEO Specialist
2 years
Circleville, OH


Dylan is a part of the SEO team at Action Network. He specializes in SEO content and the overall production of web organization. Topics covered include sports betting legalization, sportsbook promos, and sports betting education.

He got his start betting about 3 years ago, and started creating sports betting content in 2020


Dylan is responsible for optimizing sportsbook pages, covering breaking news in sports betting legislation, and breaking down the sports betting scene in each state.

He knew he wanted to work in the sports world at a young age. He began writing in 2017, by helping the SID at Ohio Christian University by writing recaps for the school's golf matches. Upon his graduation in 2019, he started to bet on sports. Soon after, he started creating sports betting content. He has been a consumer of The Action Network's products since 2020, and began working for The Action Network in 2022.


Dylan graduated from Ohio Christian University in 2019, majoring in Business and Sports Management. In 2021, he graduated from Ohio State University with his Masters in Business Analytics.

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Dylan Wilkerson
Jan 7, 2024 UTC
Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Oral Roberts Moneyline (+1000) over Ohio State in the first round of the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament. As a huge Michigan fan, this made my heart AND wallet happy.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Saint Joseph's +11 v. Temple on December 10th, 2019. This crushed my soul, and almost made me quit betting on sports. Google the final score.
  • College football unders
  • NFL sides/totals
  • NBA
  • PGA Tour matchups
  • Semi-Bluffs
  • Doubling every 11 I see