Sobel: My Favorite Masters Bets in 8 Different Categories


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Apr 11, 2019, 09:55 PM EDT
  • Don't limit yourself to just one or two markets when betting the 2019 Masters -- attack them all if there's value.
  • Jason Sobel breaks down his favorite bets for eight different categories, including outright winner, top first-timer, top senior and more.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s time to get serious.

We’ve spent weeks — no, months — analyzing the 2019 Masters. We’ve discussed the best storylines and potential outcomes and all the crazy scenarios that might take place.

Now it’s time to put our money where our mouths are. Yes, it’s time to put down a little action on this week’s tournament.

And just so you’re not betting alone, here are my favorite wagers in eight different categories. 

Outright Winner: The +1600’s

Look, I’m not afraid to pick a winner and stick with it. In my ranking of the entire field, I’ve got Rickie Fowler in the No. 1 spot. But picking a winner and betting on a winner aren’t always necessarily the same thing.

In order to bet the outright winner, there’s nothing wrong with a little hedge.

Now I’m not suggesting covering the board like a drunk frat boy at his first roulette table, but I think it’s smart to find value that will help turn a profit.

Even though I like Fowler to win at +1600, I also have Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm very highly rated at the same price.

My favorite play here is a unit on all three to win, with the hopes that our bases are covered and we can still turn a nice profit by going 1 for 3.

Top 5: Rory McIlroy (+130)

I don’t think McIlroy is going to win this week. I don’t think the scar tissue has completely healed and the nerve has been resolved and the new nonchalant mindset is going to unlock some hidden secret to success here.

But I also don’t think he’ll miss by much.

He’s finished top-5 in five of his last six stroke-play events. (The other was a T-6.) He’s finished top-5 in two of his last four Masters appearances. (The others were a T-7 and a T-10.)

There’s little doubt that McIlroy is playing the best golf of anybody in the world right now. A softer course should only suit his style even more on a setup which already plays perfectly to his high draw.

The real reason I like this bet, though, is that you essentially have two chances to cash.

There is, of course, the possibility that Rory laps the field to win or falls heartbreakingly short, each of which would make this a winning wager. But there’s also the possibility that he plays only decently for the first 54 holes, finds himself out of the mix going into Sunday’s final round, then pumps out a 64 that elevates him into the top-five.

For as many times as McIlroy has seriously contended over his career, he’s had as many back-door top-five finishes. This could certainly be another one.

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