Bettors Believe Travis Pastrana Can Jump Caesars Palace Fountain

  • Travis Pastrana will be reenacting three famous Evel Knievel jumps in Las Vegas on July 8.
  • The stunts include jumping 16 buses, jumping 52 cars and jumping the fountain at Caesars Palace.
  • He opened as a +150 dog to jump the Caesars Palace fountain, but has since moved to -145.

In my two-plus years in the industry, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I’d see some Travis Pastrana odds. Even though I never dirt-biked or did any other ballsy stunts such as Pastrana’s growing up, I loved watching the crazy jumps he could pull off at the X Games.


If you don’t remember where you were for this, what type of life are you living?

Pastrana won’t be jumping the Snake River, but he will attempt to jump over 16 Greyhound buses, 52 cars and … the fountain at Caesars Palace all on July 8. In addition, Pastrana won’t be using one of his fancy lightweight dirt bikes. He’ll be using an Indian motorcycle, which will mark the first time he’s ever jumped a V-twin engine.

Here are the odds for each jump.

Successful Jump of 16 Buses

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

Evel originally jumped only 14 buses (wimp), but Pastrana will be upping the ante a bit and going for 16.


Successful Jump of 52 Cars

  • Yes -250 (Opened -220)
  • No +170 (Opened +160)

This jump will feature Pastrana jumping over a pile of crumpled cars. Pretty straightforward if you ask me.


Successful Jump of Caesars Palace Fountain

  • Yes -145 (Opened +150)
  • No +105 (Opened -200)

Though oddsmakers initially doubted him, bettors clearly have faith in Pastrana’s daredevil abilities. In the original jump, Knievel broke more than 40 bones and was hospitalized for a month. If you bet on “no,” you’ll essentially be rooting for Pastrana to crash and potentially die. Maybe that’s why everyone has been betting on “yes” so far.


What are you waiting for? Head out to Vegas, check out the Gambling Olympics, the WSOP and watch Travis Pastrana risk life and limb for your gambling entertainment!

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