It’s bracket week, and if you are like me, then you have already filled out a couple of brackets to get the juices flowing. Now is the time I take a step back, analyze the bracket and start to find where I can gain an advantage in large pools. The idea is to build a contrarian bracket that can win. Picking all the 16-seeds to win in the first round would sure as hell be contrarian, but wouldn’t give you a leg up on your competition.


The strategy is to use our Bracket Simulator to find teams that are being selected less than they should be by the general public. In the daily fantasy sports world, you’ll often hear of our FantasyLabs experts using the term “leverage.” Leverage is owning a low-owned player who will differentiate you from the field if he performs well. This is the same process, only we have a leg up because we actually know what percentage of teams are being taken in every round. We have all the data we need, so let’s get rolling.

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