LeBron James Jr. College Props: Where Will Bronny Go … in 2022?

LeBron James Jr. College Props: Where Will Bronny Go … in 2022? article feature image
  • One sportsbook has posted odds on which college LeBron James Jr. will attend.
  • Duke (-140) is an odds-on favorite, with Kentucky (+165) not too far behind.
  • If the NBA gets rid of the "one and done" rule, skipping college entirely is a strong possibility.

I’ve been thinking lately: why are there not more opportunities to bet on child athletes? Excluding side bets with parents at middle school basketball games, chances to bet on kids are rare these days.

Today, we’ve actually been given a prop bet on one child from an actual sportsbook: which college will LeBron James Jr., AKA Bronny, AKA The Prince (I made that last one up) play for?

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James Jr. is just 13 years old, but not surprisingly is expected to be a beast like his pops. His AAU team, the North Coast Blue Chips, just won a national championship. The kid can definitely ball.


Is he worth leaving cash on the line for five years? Let’s just say I won’t be betting on it, but here are the odds.

Duke is not only the favorite, but an odds-on favorite. Coach Mike Krzyzewski obviously has some experience with LeBron after coaching him on some U.S. Olympic squads. Bronny Jr. and his teammates just visited Duke right before these odds came out, which may have something to do with the Blue Devils being a hefty favorite.

Kentucky is the only other school with a decent shot, according to the oddsmakers. A couple years back, this report came out saying that he already had offers from Duke and Kentucky, which I assume played a role in the oddsmakers’ odds-making.

Three other big schools with blue jerseys also have odds posted, but “field” may be a smart option depending on the rules. If going straight to the NBA is included, it may be a very good option.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is not a fan of the “one and done” rule, which keeps players from jumping straight to the NBA out of high school. Earlier this month, a report from USA Today stated that the rule is on the outs.

There is a recent report stating that LeBron James Sr. wants to play with LeBron James Jr. one day a la the Griffeys. The King would be in his late 30s, but if Bronny does indeed have the skills to make it to the league, there would be a one- to two-year gap when they could get it done.

Also potentially included in “field” is the Junior Basketball Association or as some may know it, LaVar Ball’s league. All right, maybe not.