Louisville vs. UCF Weather: Betting Impact with Rain & Wind in Friday’s Forecast (Sept. 9)

Louisville vs. UCF Odds

Louisville Odds+6
UCF Odds-6
DateFriday, Sept. 9
Time7:30 p.m. ET

NCAAF odds as of Friday afternoon

You can get out ahead of your bets as best as possible. Then, a variable like finicky weather swoops in to throw a wrench in those plans.

If you're catching up on the college football Week 2 forecast on Saturday, you're already a day late – Louisville vs. UCF weather on Friday night could feature rain and wind, which both typically impact betting markets.

We have weather on our minds 24/7 at Action Network, especially since the start of the football season. We've dished out premium picks here and there hinging on betting models that factor in rain, wind and even temperature.

Friday's forecast for Louisville vs. UFC doesn't quite meet the necessary parameters, but the weather in general cannot be overlooked.

Louisville vs. UCF Weather

It didn't matter which day of the week Louisville vs. UCF was played; it was bound to get hit by some sort of weather.

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