Notre Dame vs. Louisville Sharp Betting: Pros Hitting Spread, Over/Under

Notre Dame vs. Louisville Sharp Betting: Pros Hitting Spread, Over/Under article feature image

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  • Sharps have hit both the side and total of tonight's Notre Dame vs. Louisville (8 p.m. ET on ESPN).
  • Using The Action Network's tools, the opinion of professional bettors have become clear.

Week 1 of the 2019 college football season comes to a close tonight, but even the one-game slate has drawn plenty of action from professional bettors.

Both the side and total of Louisville vs. Notre Dame have seen pretty steady sharp action since opening.

The Irish opened as a 20-point favorite on the road, and as is usually the case, they’ve drawn plenty of public action. Seventy-six percent of bettors have laid the points with Notre Dame, but that 20-point opening spread has come down to just -18.5. The total closed at 55.

All odds and data as of 3 p.m. ET.

Notre Dame vs. Louisville Sharp Report

The 24% of Louisville bettors have made up 27% of actual money being wagered. While that means the Cardinals are getting slightly bigger bets, it more importantly tells us that oddsmakers are reacting to a monetary liability. They clearly have more respect for the bettors taking the underdog.

Sports Insights’ Bet Signals have confirmed Louisville to be the sharp side, triggering five sharp moves on Louisville, the most recent of which came yesterday at +19.

The point spread isn’t the only thing drawing action from sharps, though. In fact, the professional backing of the under might be even stronger than that of Louisville.

Once again, the public disagrees with the sharps. Only 37% of bettors are behind this under, and once again, the line has moved away from the popular side.

After opening as high as 60, this total is down to 55 across most of the market, and some shops are now even listing it at 54.5.

The 37% of bettors on the under have generated 45% of actual money. As was the case with the spread betting split, that means sportsbooks haven’t had a monetary need to move this line. It also shows a more significant difference in bets and dollars, meaning the under is drawing bigger bettors — the ones more likely to be sharps.

The under has drawn five SI Bet Signals of its own, with sharps hitting it at 55 yesterday to propel that final half-point move.

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