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Updated Tennessee Volunteers Betting Odds vs. Arkansas, To Win National Championship & SEC

Updated Tennessee Volunteers Betting Odds vs. Arkansas, To Win National Championship & SEC article feature image

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Tennessee Odds vs. Arkansas

Tennessee Spread -1.5 [Bet Now]
Tennessee Moneyline -115 [Bet Now]
Over/Under 52.5 [Bet Now]

Confused? Learn how to read American odds here, or keep reading.

Tennessee is a 1.5-point favorite in this week’s game at Arkansas, as indicated by the -1.5 located in the “Tennessee Spread” row above.

That means if you’re looking to bet on the Volunteers this weekend at a standard payout (sportsbooks take a slight percentage of winnings to ensure a profit), you’d need them to win by at least two points to win your bet.

You also have the option of betting the Vols simply to win the game, and that price is indicated by the -115 in the “Tennessee Moneyline” row. The -115 figure tells you that it would take a bet of $115 to win $100 back (plus your original $115, of course) on a Tennessee win. In lesser terms, to attempt to win 10 dollars on the Vols, you’d need to risk $11.50.

The final row indicates the oddsmakers “over/under” or “total” for the game. This allows you to bet on whether the final combined score of both teams will add up to more, or less, than 52.5.

But your best option this week? DraftKings is offering new Tennessee the chance to win $100 on the Vols by risking just a single dollar …

Best Tennessee Volunteers Futures Odds

National Championship Odds +75000 [Bet Now]
SEC Odds +25000 [Bet Now]

So … you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Yes, sportsbooks are still giving the Tennessee Volunteers a chance — albeit a very small one — to win not only the SEC, but also this year’s college football National Championship. And now that online sports betting is live in Tennessee, you have the option to cash in big time if the Vols can pull off a miracle.

Here’s exactly what the table above means:

Tennessee is +75000 (read: 750 to 1) to win the National Championship. That means if you bet just one dollar on the Vols at DraftKings, you’d win $750 if they can win it all. A ten-dollar bet would return you with $7,500, and so on.

Their +25000 (250 to 1) odds to win the SEC, therefore, mean a dollar would return $250 in winnings, or $10 would win you $2,500.

As for the SEC East in particular, Tennessee’s chances are a bit better, so your payout will be a bit lower — though still nothing to scoff at.

The +5000 odds (50 to 1) to win the division mean a one-dollar bet would return $50, and ten bucks would lead to $500.

None of the above should be looked at as a likely outcome worth a significant wager, but if you want to have more than just your pride on the line when watching the Vols this year, now you can.

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