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Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins

The reign for the New England Patriots over the AFC East appears to be officially over. 

The Patriots find themselves at the bottom of odds to win the AFC East for the first time in decades. 

The Patriots are +800 to win the AFC East at DraftKings. 

The favorite in the East is once again the Buffalo Bills at +120. The Bills are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl and are led by one of the favorites to win NFL MVP. 

There are still some doubters, however, as the Bills are expected to play in a very difficult division. 

There might not be another team in the NFL with more hype surrounding them than the New York Jets. A lot of that has to do with the acquisition of future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers. The Jets are the second favorite to win the AFC East at +270 odds. 

The Miami Dolphins are still lingering. The Dolphins scraped into the playoffs last season and appear to be on the raise under head coach Mike McDaniel. If he stays healthy, they could have a chance to win the division at +300 odds. 

Odds via DraftKings and updated in real-time.

Buffalo BillsBills
Miami DolphinsDolphins

Past AFC East Winners

Odds via Sports Odds History prior to Week 1 of that season.

The Patriots dominated the AFC East for the last two decades, and the betting market reflected that -- they were greater than -200 ($20 wins $10) in 13 of the last 15 years of Tom Brady's tenure there.

Year Team Record Odds
2002 New York Jets 9–7 +220
2003 New England Patriots 14–2 +180
2004 New England Patriots 14–2 -160
2005 New England Patriots 10–6 -200
2006 New England Patriots 12–4 -300
2007 New England Patriots 16–0 -600
2008 Miami Dolphins 11–5 +2500
2009 New England Patriots 10–6 -455
2010 New England Patriots 14–2 +135
2011 New England Patriots 13–3 -167
2012 New England Patriots 12–4 -400
2013 New England Patriots 12–4 -400
2014 New England Patriots 12–4 -350
2015 New England Patriots 12–4 -200
2016 New England Patriots 14–2 -225
2017 New England Patriots 13–3 -2500
2018 New England Patriots 11–5 -800
2019 New England Patriots 12–4 -550
2020 Buffalo Bills 13–3 -125
2021 Buffalo Bills 11–6 -150
2022 Buffalo Bills 11-5 -150

Bills logoBuffalo Bills

When you think Buffalo Bills, you think of those early 90s teams that made four straight Super Bowls...and lost four straight Super Bowls. Jim Kelly and the Bills couldn't finish off any of those opportunities and it's hurt them ever since. While they made it to the playoffs nearly every season after that in the 90s, once the new millennium rolled around, the franchise crumbled -- the Bills missed the playoffs from 1999-2017, a stunning draught. But things are turning for Buffalo with the emergence of franchise quarterback Josh Allen, whose led the Bills to back-to-back division titles and some stellar playoff performances. It seems like it's only a matter of time before these new look Bills make it back to the Big Game -- and maybe finally get the job done.

  • Playoff Berths: 21
  • Division Titles: 12
  • AFC Championships: 4
  • Super Bowls: 0

Dolphins logoMiami Dolphins

The Dolphins were a powerhouse in the NFL during the Don Shula era of the 1970s and 80s, making five Super Bowls and winning two -- including the 1972 team that went a perfect 17-0 and remains the only group ever to go undefeated in a season. Since then, however, Miami has sporadically been relevant in the AFC. Though they made the playoffs in all but two years during the 90s, they've made the playoffs just four times since 2000 and haven't been back to a Super Bowl since 1984. The Dolphins are hoping Tua Tagovailoa is the guy to bring this team back to the promised land.

  • Playoff Berths: 23
  • Division Titles: 13
  • AFC Championships: 5
  • Super Bowls: 2

Patriots logoNew England Patriots

The New England Patriots. The cream of the crop during the 2000s and 2010s. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick & Co. won a whopping six Super Bowls from 2001-2018 and made another three appearances as well. Dominating the AFC wasn't always in their blood, with just two conference championships to their name before the Brady/Belichick era. Since then, Foxboro has been the home to many playoff games and wins for New England. But that era ended with Brady's departure in 2020. While Belichick is still in the fold, we'll have to wait and see if they can return to the fully formed empire they were for nearly two decades.

  • Playoff Berths: 27
  • Division Titles: 21
  • AFC Championships: 11
  • Super Bowls: 6

Jets logoNew York Jets

Gang Green did most of their damage on the league back when they were in the AFL, winning Super Bowl III thanks to Broadway Joe Namath & Co. Since then, the Jets have just two division titles to their name and a handful of playoff appearances that haven't amounted to much. Back-to-back AFC Championship berths from 2009-10 during the first two years of the Rex Ryan-Mark Sanchez combination in New York got our attention for a bit...but so did the "butt fumble." The Jets have been searching for the right head coach-quarterback combo ever since. Could Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers finally be the answer to turning things around in the Big Apple?

  • Playoff Berths: 12
  • Division Titles: 2
  • AFC Championships: 0
  • Super Bowls: 1
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