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San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals

The Rams are reigning, defending Super Bowl Champions, plus with that decked-out roster they have, it's no surprise that they're also the favorites to repeat as NFC West Champions.

But the NFC is also home to two other playoff teams from 2021 in the 49ers and Cardinals, which is why Caesars Sportsbook has the trio close to each other in the odds tables.

The Rams head into the summer with +120 odds to repeat, while the 49ers are hot on their tail at +180. The Cardinals aren't too far behind either at +350. It's only the Seahawks who appear to be out of the mix with +1800 odds this summer.

Los Angeles didn't do much in the NFL Draft or free agency, while the 49ers have fought to keep Deebo Samuel, the Cardinals traded for Marquise Brown and lost Chandler Jones, and the Seahawks sent away franchise quarterback Russell Wilson to the Broncos.

Check out which team has the toughest schedule and who oddsmakers like to have the most wins this season.

Odds via Caesars and updated in real-time.

Preseason Updates

May 18: After more moves and the NFL Draft, the Rams still sit at the top but now with +135 odds. The 49ers are closing the gap even more at +190, but the Cards have come back down to earth a bit and are now back to +300. Seattle is in a free-fall now, all the way down to +1400.

April 1: It's no surprise that the Seahawks took a massive hit after trading away Russell Wilson, dropping to +900 according to oddsmakers. The Rams stood pat at +150, while the 49ers (+200) and Cardinals (+270) both inched a bit closer.

Feb 28: The Rams began the offseason with +150 odds, with the 49ers close at +230, the Cardinals at +320 and Seahawks at +500.

Aug 11: The Rams continue to be favorites heading into the season at +120. The 49ers have closed the gap a little bit at +180 after singing Deebo Samuel to an extension and announcing Trey Lance as the starter. 

San Francisco 49ers49ers
Los Angeles RamsRams
Seattle SeahawksSeahawks
Arizona CardinalsCardinals

Past NFC West Winners

Odds via Sports Odds History prior to Week 1 of that season.

The Rams are reigning division and Super Bowl champs, and have been contenders in the division in recent years. Seattle had a stronghold at times, but isn't set up to do so in the near future. The 49ers and Cards have had their moments as well. Who will claim the crown this year?

Year Team Record Odds
2002 San Francisco 49ers 10-6 +220
2003 Los Angeles Rams 12–4 -110
2004 Seattle Seahawks 9–7 +110
2005 Seattle Seahawks 13–3 -110
2006 Seattle Seahawks 9–7 -225
2007 Seattle Seahawks 10–6 +130
2008 Arizona Cardinals 9–7 +220
2009 Arizona Cardinals 10–6 +145
2010 Seattle Seahawks 7–9 +325
2011 San Francisco 49ers 13–3 +220
2012 San Francisco 49ers 11–4-1 -250
2013 Seattle Seahawks 13–3 +110
2014 Seattle Seahawks 12–4 -150
2015 Arizona Cardinals 13–3 +550
2016 Seattle Seahawks 10–5-1 -120
2017 Los Angeles Rams 11–5 +1500
2018 Los Angeles Rams 13–3 -200
2019 San Francisco 49ers 13–3 +400
2020 Seattle Seahawks 12–4 +220
2021 Los Angeles Rams 12–5 +190

Cardinals logoArizona Cardinals

It's tough being the only team in your division to never win a Super Bowl, but that's the position the Arizona Cardinals find themselves in in 2022. Arizona had a shot in 2009 -- their first and only appearance in the Big Game -- but fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 in Super Bowl 43 in a heartbreaker. The retirement of All-Time great Larry Fitzgerald last season put an end to one era and produced the start of another. As the Cards head into another season with stars in Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Chandler Jones and more ready to go, it seems like only a matter of time before they finally get over the hump and back to really contending for that Super Bowl.

  • Playoff Berths: 9
  • Division Titles: 5
  • NFC Championships: 1
  • Super Bowl Championships: 0

Rams logoLos Angeles Rams

The defending Super Bowl Champions put together an All-Star cast of players over the last couple of seasons in preparation of this moment -- and they came through. The Rams brought home their second Lombardi Trophy and their first one in Los Angeles, with the franchises first Super Bowl victory coming out of St. Louis back in 1999. Kurt Warner completed the ultimate quest of becoming the first undrafted quarterback and first first-year starter to win it all. He's also the last player to be named Super Bowl MVP and league MVP in the same season. LA has its fair share of characters on the roster, but that also keeps them in the running to repeat in the upcoming season. Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald and Sean McVay will lead this group into another long season that'll likely again prove to have some lows, but could go to the highest of highs.

  • Playoff Berths: 24
  • Division Titles: 14
  • NFC Championships: 5
  • Super Bowl Championships: 2

49ers logoSan Francisco 49ers

One of the most storied franchises in NFL history, the San Francisco 49ers are holders of five Lombardi Trophies, tied for the second most ever. Thanks to the lines of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice, the 49ers not only won five Super Bowls, but had the star power to be contenders through the first three decades since the NFL-AFL merger. The 2000s saw San Francisco slip for a bit, but the late 2010s and early 20s has them back where they belong. The 49ers of late have been carried by their defense, but 2021 saw some stellar offense as well -- especially out of swiss army knife Deebo Samuel. A last second exit in the NFC Championship game still shows that this team is ready to contend year in and year out, so watch out for Kyle Shanahan's group.

  • Playoff Berths: 26
  • Division Titles: 20
  • NFC Championships: 7
  • Super Bowl Championships: 5

Seahawks logoSeattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have been around since 1976, but they only really came onto the scene in the 2000s during the Matt Hasselback era and their Super Bowl 40 appearance. Then came Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and the "Legion of Boom." Seattle won its first Super Bowl in 2013 and were one should've been handoff away from their second a year later, but Malcolm Butler's game ending interception in Super Bowl 49 altered the course of the Seahawks franchise. Seattle wasn't the same after that loss, as the Legion slowly disintegrated and the team went through ups and downs in the standings. With the offseason trade of Wilson to the Broncos now complete, we're entering the newest stage of football in the northwest.

  • Playoff Berths: 19
  • Division Titles: 11
  • NFC Championships: 3
  • Super Bowl Championships: 1
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