Super Bowl Odds 2021
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Against all odds, the NFL is on track to end its 2020 season as scheduled with Super Bowl 55, which kicks off Feb. 7 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs, effectively playing host as the first team in NFL history to compete in a Super Bowl at its home stadium.

The Chiefs opened as favorites to cover the spread while the over/under opened at a number higher than any closing total in Super Bowl history. We'll be tracking the latest odds below, where you can also find our latest analysis and more information on how to bet the big game.

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Super Bowl Futures Report

Chiefs: Reigning champions. Current favorites. Unstoppable force? The Chiefs sure had the look of it during the regular season, losing only one game en route to locking in the AFC’s No. 1 seed before resting Patrick Mahomes in a meaningless second loss in Week 17. It’s no surprise that they’ve maintained their position atop the Super Bowl oddsboard since opening.

Buccaneers: After opening as a +5000 longshot, Tampa Bay skyrocketed up the Super Bowl oddsboard after signing Tom Brady, emerging from free agency with the fifth-best odds to win the NFC. And while a pair of losses to the division-winning Saints ultimately kept the Bucs from the NFC South crown and a home playoff game, they still cruised to the playoffs as a wild-card team. Now the question is whether his arsenal of weapons and their stout defense will be enough to secure Brady his seventh ring.

How To Bet Super Bowl Futures

At this point in the season -- with the current Super Bowl matchup set -- there are limited ways to invest in Super Bowl futures.

Before we get into that, though, let’s define a futures bet: It’s a wager placed on an event that happens, well, in the future. The most common example of futures betting is on championship results, so the most popular type of futures bet in the NFL is just that: Betting on a team to win the Super Bowl.

Often, bettors can find the best futures values before the season and/or during it.

That said, you can already bet Super Bowl futures for the 2021 season.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Track Movement

The primary betting markets are open for two full weeks between the time the matchup is set on Championship Sunday and when the Super Bowl finally kicks off, which means the odds see plenty of movement from open to close.

Shop for the Best Lines

In addition to tracking the movement, you'll want to shop for the best lines across the primary Super Bowl markets. Thankfully, our NFL odds page makes it easy to compare real-time spreads, totals and over/unders from some of the best online sportsbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bet on the Super Bowl?

You can bet on the Super Bowl through online sportsbooks or at physical sportsbook locations. Find reviews and offers for the best online sportsbooks in your state here.

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl?

You can bet on the Super Bowl in any state with legal sports betting. Twenty states currently offer sports betting in some form: Ten are equipped with full mobile betting, four feature only one mobile betting option, two offer "in-person" online betting, and the remaining four are limited to in-person betting at physical sportsbooks. Find a full list of those states here.

Below is a list of the 10 states with full mobile betting -- click any of the following links to find the best sportsbooks in that state:

How do I bet on the Super Bowl online?

You can bet on the Super Bowl at any sportsbook in the U.S., but we've compiled a list of our top 10 online books:

Find reviews and offers for more online sportsbooks here.

Who is favored to win the Super Bowl in 2021?

The Kansas City Chiefs are favored to win Super Bowl 55.

Who is the Super Bowl underdog?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are underdogs in Super Bowl 55.

What kind of bets can you make on the Super Bowl?

The most popular types of bets you can make on the Super Bowl are on the spread, over/under, and moneyline.

  • Point spread: Betting the spread means betting on the margin of victory. A minus sign (-) indicates that a team is favored to win by however many points the spread is set at, whereas a plus sign (+) indicates a team is an underdog.
  • Moneyline: Betting the moneyline means betting on which team will win the Super Bowl.
  • Over/Under: Betting the over/under (or "total") is betting on how many total points will be scored in a game. The over means you're betting on both teams to combine for more points than the line is set at, whereas the under means you're betting on both teams to combine for fewer points than the line is set at.

There are more ways to bet on the Super Bowl. In fact, sportsbooks offer hundreds of props, ranging from game results to player performances and beyond.

How do prop bets work?

Prop bets are wagers on specific occurrences within the Super Bowl. There are novelty props, such as what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach. There are game props, such as how many points a team will score in the first half. And there are player props, such ass how many yards a running back will rush for over the course of the Super Bowl.