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Phillip Kall
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Phillip works as an actuary in Risk Analytics. This means he specialize in monitoring worst case scenarios of probabilistic outcomes. This has been Phillips first experience in sports betting and his main goal is to improve each year. He would not trade this experience for anything in the world. Long term he hopes to dig deeper into sophisticated modeling and prediction methods for the NFL. This should both help him understand the game better and better accurately predict where the edges are.


To build on coding skills applicable to my Actuarial role he decided to scrape websites for data and build some simple models. This work ended up coming in handy as it would be what impressed the Action team when he applied. Now, Phillip builds on that each week to provide the most accurate advice he can. This year he got the chance to start writing a SNF article with a same game parlay bet. This allowed him to combine his risk analytics background with his interest in football.


Otterbein University

Major: Actuarial Science and Applied Mathematics

Phillip has studied statistics deeply and as an actuary work to read and and understand data. This has helped him project the outcome of the game by taking the data and making an accurate projection of how the game will unfold.

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Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
My introduction to betting was a competition my dad joined. Similar to the Draftkings contest people entered and were give a lump sum and highest at the end of the year won. We figured out riding one team hard each week was the way to go. We rode the Case Keenum led Vikings when they were phenomenal against the spread and finished second.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
I had a 10-to-1 same game parlay and my last leg was Geno Smith's passing yards over. He had the ball on his 20 for the potential game winning drive and I only needed 15 yards. He of course would get sacked and fumble and lose the ball, game, and my parlay.
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