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Wrong Weather for Steven Wright’s Knuckleball

Jun 05, 2018 10:54 AM EDT

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports. Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Steven Wright (35) throws a pitch against the Oakland Athletics in the sixth inning at Fenway Park

There are plenty of puns I could make in this article using the words right, Wright and wrong. I’ll do my best to refrain, though. Let’s dive into the story.

Steven Wright will be making his first start for the Boston Red Sox this season after a wacky couple of years. In 2016, he was absolutely lights out for the first half of the season and had the American League’s best ERA at the All-Star break. Later in the year, he landed on the DL when he was pinch-running. That wasn’t exactly a great managerial decision in hindsight.


He’s never been the same since and didn’t help himself out this past winter with a domestic dispute that resulted in a 15-game suspension.

Even though the weather in Boston tonight looks good for pitching to the naked eye, Wright is an odd duck. He throws a knuckleball, and normal rules pay no heed to Wright.

Even when he was at his best, he had this one bugaboo — humidity. He was atrocious in humid games, and it even got to the point when ex-manager John Farrell considered skipping him on humid nights. Little would it matter, as Farrell would make sure he was injured within a couple weeks of the story’s publication.

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