Marky’s Thursday MLB Forecast: Mediocre Weather Across the Board

Marky’s Thursday MLB Forecast: Mediocre Weather Across the Board article feature image

The Highlights

  • Of today’s nine MLB games, eight have Weather Ratings between 43 and 64. 
  • A very low risk of rain throughout the league makes this perhaps the most boring weather of my career.

In my experience as a fully licensed and professional meteorologist, there are two types of gigs you can land. You can get a job doing the weather out in a place like Las Vegas that’s 110 degrees every day of the week. Doesn’t take a lot of brains to predict that.


Or you can get a job doing the weather in New England or somewhere similarly unpredictable. Sure, you’ll be wrong more often than not, but there’s more excitement. I prefer the challenge. I like looking at a slate and seeing a wide variety of weather, not a bunch of bleh. Unfortunately, today features a bunch of bleh.

Let’s just get right into the Weather Ratings.

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Rockies at Phillies: 64
  • Padres at Braves: 62
  • Rays at Yankees: 60

Like yesterday, the best weather of the slate lies on the East Coast. However, we’re about 10 points lower than yesterday’s games, on average.

For the early game in Philly at 1 p.m. ET, there is potential for a much higher rating with it being a matinee. Temperatures are in the 80s and it looks to be a beautiful day for a ballgame. However, a stiff breeze from left to right is going to knock down some fly balls and therefore limit our potential offensive ceiling.

Atlanta has typical warm and humid conditions with a chance of a brief storm or two. More on that in a bit.

Low Weather Ratings

  • Red Sox at Mariners: 26
  • Indians at White Sox: 43
  • Twins at Tigers: 49

Not surprisingly, a game in Seattle has the worst rating of the day by a nice margin. Temps in the low 60s and a breeze blowing in from left field are going to give a boost to former Cy Young winners David Price and Felix Hernandez. The total has already dropped from 8.5 to 8.

The temperature in Chicago will be approaching 80 for the matinee series finale between the Indians and White Sox, but the rating is still on the low end. The Windy City won’t exactly be holding up to its name as the 3- to 4-mph breeze isn’t enough to lift a wind sock, but it will be blowing in from right-center.

The Detroit forecast is an interesting one. Even though the Weather Rating of 49 is slightly below average, the wind is blowing straight out to center field, which should help fly balls. This is likely the reason why the total moved from 8.5 to 9, as the over is getting a large majority of dollars wagered.


Only one game has any chance of rain in my opinion and the chances are slim:

  • Padres at Braves.

There will be isolated storms in the area leading up to the game, so any delays could potentially push back the 7:30 p.m. ET start.