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UFC 250 Bonus Offer: Bet Amanda Nunes at +250 Odds!

UFC 250 Bonus Offer: Bet Amanda Nunes at +250 Odds! article feature image

Pictured: Amanda Nunes. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Let’s just say UFC 250 has been an easy event for sportsbooks to come up with good promos for. There’s just something about that number 250 that works out perfectly for sports betting, especially when the main event favorite is -650.

What am I alluding to? Well, the title should have given that away: You can bet Amanda Nunes at +250 instead of -750 at FanDuel Sportsbook in Colorado, along with New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Sort of a big difference, no?

FanDuel Sportsbook Bonus Offer for UFC 250

Offer: Get +250 Odds on Amanda Nunes

  • Available states:
  • Who’s it for? New users and existing users in CO … New users in NJ, PA, WV

Too bad it’s not UFC 1000, right? Anywho, it’s not tough to see that the difference between -750 and +250 is quite stark.

In fact, let’s break down just how much of an edge you’re getting thanks to this promo:

  • Nunes at -750: 88.26% implied chance of winning
  • Nunes at +250: 28.57% implied change of winning

Stark indeed — nothing like a near 60% edge!

[Bet now in COBet now in NJ, PA, WV]

To claim this offer, simply open a new FanDuel Sportsbook account and deposit. (The max bet is $20, so you’ll at least want to deposit that. Requires a minimum $10 deposit) After depositing, simply locate the regular market for Nunes to win, either on the homepage or under the MMA tab. You’ll see Nunes’ odds change to +250 on the bet slip.

Three important notes:

  • After signing up on the web, download FanDuel’s app to access the promotion.
  • Make sure the Nunes bet is your FIRST wager at FanDuel if you’re playing in NJ, PA or WV. (If you’re in CO, it doesn’t need to be your first wager, as the promotion is available to both new and existing users.)
  • Remember to deposit, because the offer will only be visible to new users who have funded their accounts.

This is a great promo for anyone, really, but particularly good for casual bettors who aren’t accustomed to laying down large sums of money. With a $20 max, you’d win $50 in cash if Nunes prevails.

[Bet now in COBet now in NJ, PA, WV]

For comparison, you’d have to bet $375.93 at -750 to profit $50. Pretty steep. Plus, all it takes is one good punch or kick for an upset. Just imagine …

Meanwhile, if you were to bet just $20 on her at the normal -750 odds, you’d be making next to nothing if she wins — $2.66. This promo gets you an additional $47.34 if she wins and saves you potentially hundreds if she loses.

So, yeah, Nunes +250 is the definition of a no-brainer. Be sure to lock in your bet before Saturday night’s title bout.

Bet Amanda Nunes at +250 Odds
Boosted from -750
Bet Amanda Nunes at +250 Odds
Boosted from -750

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