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UFC 250 Bonus Offer: Bet Amanda Nunes at +500 Odds in Colorado!

UFC 250 Bonus Offer: Bet Amanda Nunes at +500 Odds in Colorado! article feature image

Pictured: Amanda Nunes. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

In a world with very few sporting events, UFC 250 is like the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl of early June.

There is one slight problem for some folks, though. The main event isn’t supposed to be that close of a fight, as Amanda Nunes is a lofty -625 favorite vs. Felicia Spencer. Do you eat a ton of chalk and back the favorite?

What if life were much simpler and you could just bet Nunes at +500? If only such a world existed …. oh wait! What’s this?!

DraftKings Sportsbook Bonus Offer for UFC 250

Offer: Get +500 Odds on Amanda Nunes

  • Claim now: Click here
  • Available state: Colorado
  • Who’s it for? New and existing users

That’s right, folks. DraftKings Sportsbook in Colorado is offering Nunes at +500 for both new and existing customers.

All you have to do is opt in on the sportsbook home page and select the boost on your betslip before placing your bet.

The max bet for this promotion is $10, meaning you’d win $50 in cash if Nunes prevails. (No free bets or site credit; straight cash.)

Let’s break down just how much of an edge you’re getting thanks to this promo:

  • Nunes at -625: 86.21% implied probability
  • Nunes at +500: 16.67% implied probability

Hmm, nearly a 70% edge … not bad!

This is particularly good for casual bettors who aren’t accustomed to laying down large sums of money, as the max bet is $10. Normally, you’d need to bet quite a bit on Nunes to win $50 — $312.50, to be precise. If God forbid she were to lose, you’re out nearly three Benjamins. With this promo, you’re only down one measly Hamilton if she loses.

Meanwhile, if you were to bet just $10 on her at the normal -625 odds, you’d be making next to nothing if she wins — $1.60. This promo gets you an additional $48.40 if she wins and saves you potentially hundreds if she loses.

Seems like a no-brainer — plus, it’s available to both new and existing users at DraftKings.

Bet Amanda Nunes at +500 Odds
Boosted from -625

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