The NBA trade deadline is less than a month away. After a wild NBA summer, this one seems like… a snoozer. Teams don’t have the cap space to wheel and deal after lackluster playoff revenue. (You can thank Golden State’s domination for that.) Most teams just acquired or signed new key pieces, so they’re not willing to move them yet. And first-round picks are so valuable in a loaded draft that they’re almost unmovable.

Still, there’s always chatter, and if nothing else, it’s important to examine the needs and situations of teams with their last opportunities for upgrades approaching. Here’s a team-by-team guide to the Western Conference trade deadline:

[Click here for the Eastern Conference guide]

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas is open for business, by their own admission. They have upwards of $14 million in cap room, a full $35 million before the luxury tax. They are here for your options. They need guys who can play, they need picks and they have young guys. It’s all there for Dallas to rework the team.

In an NBA trade deadline paralyzed by cap constraints, the Mavs have the best position going forward. They don’t need a franchise star since they have Dennis Smith, Jr. If you bowl them over with an offer for Harrison Barnes (if for some reason you’re desperate), you can throw him in, though Dallas is not actively looking to deal him from all indications.

Yogi Ferrell and Dwight Powell are both sell high opportunities for the Mavericks right now. Nerlens Noel, however, is a trickier matter.

One thing to keep an eye on with the Mavs: You won’t hear about trade discussions from Dallas. If word gets out, it’s from another team. They are the only squad who walks the walk when it comes to keeping things tight to the vest and not leaking things.

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