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NBA Standings: Updated Finals, Conference and Division Odds

Dec 04, 2018 6:15 PM EST
  • The Toronto Raptors are the first team to hit 20 wins, and they are currently at 8-1 to win the 2018-19 NBA title.
  • Read below to see each team's current record, projected record and point differential, along with odds to win the title, conference and division.

It’s hard to believe, but most NBA teams are about a quarter of the way through their regular season.

Where do teams stand? Who has the best — and worst — odds to win the title? What about conference and division odds?

Below are the NBA standings currently, along with projected record (courtesy of FiveThirtyEight), point differential and odds to win the title, conference and division.

Let’s start with the 2019 NBA title.

All odds courtesy of Bovada

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Current NBA Standings and 2019 Title Odds

  • The Warriors sit second in projected record (57-25) and fifth in point differential (+6.8), but they are still overwhelming favorites to win the title at -150 odds (60% implied probability).
  • The Raptors are projected to have the league’s best record at 60-22, which is rewarded with home-court advantage in every playoff series.
  • The team with the best current point differential, the Bucks at +9.2, is currently projected for 55 wins and is 20-1 to win the title.

Current Western Conference Standings and Odds

  • As expected, the Warriors are also huge favorites to win the West at -250 odds (71.4% implied probability). They sit with a solid +6.8 point differential despite struggling without Steph Curry, who is now back healthy.
  • The Rockets are the only other team with odds better than 10-1, although they sit at just 11-12 on the year with a disappointing -0.2 point differential. They’ve had some poor injury luck but also have some legitimate concerns to work out, notably their defense, which ranks 23rd on the year.
  • LeBron James and his Lakers are tied for third with the Oklahoma City Thunder at 14-1 to win the West. The Thunder actually own the Western Conference’s best point differential, which is a better predictor of future success than raw win-loss totals.

Current Eastern Conference Standings and Odds

  • The Raptors have dominated the league this year to the tune of a 20-5 record, and they boast an excellent +8.2 point differential as well. They’re the only team projected to reach 60 wins, and they’re +180 to win the East.
  • The Celtics are a disappointing 13-10 after coming into the year with sky-high expectations. They currently own the East’s third-highest point differential (+4.5) and second-best odds to win the conference (+235).
  • The 76ers (+320) and Bucks (+600) are the only two other teams below 30-1. The Bucks are actually fourth in odds despite owning a great 15-7 record and the league’s best point differential (+9.2).

Current Pacific Division Standings and Odds

  • The defending champs are currently -3300 (97.1% implied probability) to win the Pacific Division. They’re currently projected for 11 more wins than any of the other four teams.
  • Next in line are the Clippers (+1300) and Lakers (+2500). The Clips have been one of the league’s surprise teams to start the year and sit an impressive 16-7 currently.

Current Southwest Division Standings and Odds

  • All five teams currently have between 11 and 13 wins, and yet the Rockets are still sizable -180 favorites (64.3% implied probability) to win the division. Despite the 11-12 start, FiveThirtyEight still projects them for 51 wins.
  • No team has a very good point differential, but the Pelicans currently lead the fivesome at +2.1. They’re at nearly 6-1 to win the division.

Current Northwest Division Standings and Odds

  • The NBA’s most loaded division, all five teams are currently projected to reach 40 wins this year.
  • The Thunder, Nuggets, Blazers and Jazz are all between 2-1 and 4-1 to win the division, despite the first two having far superior point differentials.
  • The Thunder and Nuggets are both projected for 55 wins, so this looks like one of the races that will come down to the wire.

Current Atlantic Division Standings and Odds

  • Three of the Eastern Conference’s four best teams are all in this division, headlined by the Raptors, who are -200 (66.7% implied probability) to win.
  • The Raptors, 76ers and Celtics are all projected to exceed 50 wins, and Boston has the lowest division odds at +450.

Current Central Division Standings and Odds

  • The Bucks, atop the NBA with a stellar +9.2 point differential, are massive -340 favorites (77.3%) to win the division.
  • Now is the time to bet them, as the gap will only widen with Pacers star Victor Oladipo out indefinitely with an injury. The Pacers are second with 4-1 odds to win the division.

Current Southeast Division Standings and Odds

  • Easily the league’s most uninspiring division, the Southeast features the Hornets as the current favorite at +140 odds (41.7% implied probability) to win.
  • The Hornets easily have the division’s best point differential; in fact, no other team is even in the positive. The Wizards sit fourth in that regard with a putrid -4.8 mark.

Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard

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