Moore: Wizards’ Trevor Ariza Trade a Desperate Deal for a Desperate Team

Dec 15, 2018 01:19 PM EST

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Trevor Ariza

  • The Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards made a two-team trade after Friday night's three-teamer fell through.
  • This deal sends Trevor Ariza to Washington and Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers to Phoenix.

See, now, was that so hard?

After the Great Brooks Mix Up of 2018 Friday night, the Suns and Wizards have finally completed their goals, ESPN reported Saturday morning. Trevor Ariza goes to the Wizards for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers.

It’s the Costco version of the three-way trade that broke down Friday night with Memphis because, well, that’s complicated. You can read all about that here. The effects are much less for both sides, but this deal was also imperative after the Friday night screw-up.


The Wizards pretty much had to do this deal after subjecting Rivers and Oubre to the emotional upheaval of the trade discussion Friday. They also had to do this deal because they badly need a locker room shake-up to disrupt the most disappointing and depressing roster situation in the league.

Ariza, who’s on a one-year deal, is a great locker room guy and had success with the team previously.

The Wizards didn’t get more talent here; Rivers is capable, and while Oubre is a shooter who doesn’t shoot well and does nothing else, he still has more raw talent that Ariza at this stage.

What the Wizards are banking on is getting a better vibe around the team.

This might also be a precursor to a wider set of trades.