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Tuesday’s Trail Blazers-Mavericks Matchup Offers Noteworthy Trio of Officials

Dec 04, 2018 5:25 PM EST
  • NBA over/under bettors should be aware of the referees assigned to tonight's Portland Trail Blazers-Dallas Mavericks game (8:30 p.m. ET, Fox Sports Southwest).
  • Using our Bet Labs software, we analyze how these three officials could affect scoring in tonight's Blazers-Mavericks matchup.

Tonight in Dallas, the Portland Trail Blazers visit the Mavericks in what is expected to be a very close game. The spread opened at a pick ’em and is now slightly in Dallas’ favor.

However, bettors may want to turn their attention to the total, as the group of assigned officials has a noteworthy history when it comes to over/under betting trends.

According to Bet Labs’ officials/referee data, each of tonight’s refs appear to love points, with two of them having a particularly strong affinity for scoring.

Here are the three officials, along with the over records and win percentages for their regular season games.

  • Mitchell Ervin: 102-65 (61.1%)
  • Ed Malloy: 369-321 (53.5%)
  • Tre Maddox: 203-189 (51.8%)
  • Combined: 674-575 (54.0%)

Ervin hasn’t been around all that long, but his games have gone over at a crazy 61% clip. In terms of money won, he’s the second-most profitable over ref in our database.

The third most profitable? Ed Malloy. Malloy has been around for quite some time, with a nearly 700-game sample under his belt since 2005. Though his games haven’t gone over at nearly as high of a rate, he’s what one could call “old faithful.”

As is the case with most betting trends, you’re not likely to find a huge sample size and insane winning percentage at the same time. With Ervin and Malloy, you get the best of both worlds.

The over/under for this game opened at 219 and had reached as high as 220.5. However, sharp money on the under has since driven it down to 219.5.


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: NBA Official Mitchell Ervin.

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