South Korea’s Upset of Germany the Biggest in Recent World Cup History

Jun 27, 2018 5:06 PM EDT
  • South Korea's win over Germany at odds of 18-1 was the biggest upset in the last three World Cups.
  • The Germans have been victim to the two biggest upsets of this tournament — the loss to Korea and the opener to Mexico.

South Korea pulled off the upset of the 2018 World Cup with their 2-0 win over defending champions Germany on Wednesday. The Taeguk Warriors closed as +1850 underdogs before Wednesday’s match, making them the biggest longshot by some margin to win a match in the past three World Cups.

Before Korea’s win, Mexico’s 1-0 victory over the Germans was the biggest upset in the group stage. El Tri were +624 to beat Die Mannschaft in their opening match.

Not only did South Korea come in at better than 18-1, but it also condemned Germany to last place in Group F, which was 25-1 before the tournament started.

Here are the biggest moneyline upsets over the last three World Cups (2010, 2014 and 2018).

Information courtesy of Odds Portal.

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