Joffe’s World Cup Challenge: I Didn’t Lose Everything

  • The World Cup is over, and I didn't lose all my money.
  • Betting on soccer was wayyy more fun than I ever imagined.
  • Learning a new sport through gambling is a lot of fun.

#JOFFIFA is over and I survived!

Over the course of the month, I bet almost $1500. It wasn’t easy, I never thought I’d make it, and I never envisioned I’d be sad to see it end. But here we are. I’m feeling a void. Crap.

Thanks to the idiots at FIFA, we have to wait MORE than four years for the next World Cup, and it will take place during NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAM and NHL seasons, so there’s no chance it gets as much interest in ‘Murica. Of course by that time I’ll be a billionaire, so I guess FIFA’s idiotic scheduling won’t matter much when I’m yachting in … wherever rich people yacht.

Quick recap: I won both my bigger bets on the final weekend (Belgium PK and -1.5, plus France -108 and ML). The highlight of #JOFFIFA’s final days of was when I took the over (2) at the last second and won! Then I went into my account to learn that I’d already bet the over two days ago so … I won TWICE! And they say drinking is “bad for you”…

Final JOFFIFA balance: $370.50

In addition to my mistake-turned-brilliant move of betting the over twice, I enjoyed quite the afternoon with MLB:

And what do you know: the Tigers won 6-3. I also mistakenly live bet the Tigers ML thinking it was the ‘Stros ML. I’m not sure how long these mistakes are gonna pay off, but I’ll just keep owning the role of “genius” until the gambling gods start kicking my ass again.

The only good news about the World Cup being over? We’re that much closer to FOOTBALL!!! The bad news? This week is absolutely DEAD. It’s the MLB All-Star break and I never thought I’d legitimately be missing baseball but I’m all-in on MLB betting this year. So yeah, this week is tough … #FirstWorldDegenProblems

What’ll my next challenge be? Not sure, but it may be just coming up with a new Fantasy Football team name. I’m the trendsetter in my all-girls league, so I set the standard. Needless to say, I’ve set a very high bar.

We’ll see what Millman assigns me next, but the World Cup taught me that learning to gamble on a new sport can be a blast. Maybe it’s time to go all-in on League of Legends, badminton or archery …

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