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Mark Gallant
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Winter Olympics & other oddities
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Favorite Bet of All-Time
The great hot dog counting controversy of 2018. After max-betting Carmen Cincotti's HDB (hot dog & bun) over/under of 57.5, Mark sulked in disgust when his scorecard read 45 as time expired. But wait! After further review, there were multiple glaring miscounts, and Cincotti's true figure of 64 HDB was revealed after TV coverage ended. Initially graded as a loss, Mark spent multiple hours of his 4th of July afternoon talking with customer service to get his wager rightfully overturned.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Spongebob Squarepants did not make a cameo in the Super Bowl 53 halftime show. Though a longshot at 5-1, all signs pointed to yes. Maroon 5's decision to not include him in their performance ruined Mark's otherwise perfect prop card on the day.
  • Winter Olympics & other oddities