U.S. Open Weather Forecast: Cool Conditions Expected at Pebble Beach

U.S. Open Weather Forecast: Cool Conditions Expected at Pebble Beach article feature image

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports. A Western gull flies by the 11th tee box at Pebble Beach.

  • The weather at Pebble Beach this week will be on the cool side, with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-60s.
  • Light winds are expected throughout most of the tournament, with Sunday afternoon potentially having the strongest gusts.

There’s nothing quite like Pebble Beach. I mean, I wouldn’t know from personal experience, but it was certainly a fine course to play in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004.

If you’re expecting lovely “beach weather,” this may not be the beach for you. The players should stay dry, but you may also see your fair share of sweater vests in the crowd.

Each of the four days appears to have fairly similar weather in store: not terrible, not terrific. Though it’s right on the ocean, don’t expect winds whipping off the water.

We’ll start off with the Thursday forecast for all of you interested in a little first-round leader action.

As noted in Adon’s first-round leader column, there is not going to be a big wind bias on Thursday. Those teeing off in the early morning will have very light winds — essentially no wind, in fact — with gusts not even reaching 10 mph. Those in the afternoon will have sustained winds between 5 and 8 mph, with gusts in the low teens. Temperatures will top out around 65 degrees. I’ll also note that there could be some morning fog.

Friday might be a hair windier in the afternoon, but generally features more of the same conditions. The slight increase in wind speed will be accompanied by a slight decrease in temperature, though sunny skies are expected after any morning fog dissipates.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I’m seeing more of the same … how exciting! Saturday looks like it might be the worst day of the four, with sunshine being scarce and temperatures reaching only the upper 50s.

One model shows Sunday afternoon featuring the highest winds of the entire tournament, with gusts in the low 20s. That could be something worth looking into come Saturday night.

I’ll also note that all four days have only a slim shot at precipitation, but they’ll all be on the humid side. The mornings will certainly be on the raw side, though the afternoons should be comfortable when the sun comes out.

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