MLB Postseason Betting Tips: 4 Playoff Trends to Know


Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Houston Astros right fielder George Springer

Oct 10, 2019, 09:20 PM EDT
  • The MLB Postseason is in full swing, as the number of teams in contention for the World Series continues to dwindle.
  • Below you'll find four betting tips to help you turn a profit on October baseball.

The 2019 MLB Postseason starts on Tuesday with 10 teams competing for the World Series. To get you ready for October baseball we’ll cover four areas that bettors should be aware of when betting playoff games:

  • Home-field advantage
  • Rest vs. rust
  • Zig-Zag Theory
  • Betting against the public

Using our Bet Labs software, we examine whether these theories hold any weight, and which ones bettors can put to use to turn a profit.

Home-Field Advantage

The reward for having the best record over a 162-game schedule is home-field advantage. In theory, playing at home should give a team an edge in the playoffs. However, of the four major sports, only hockey teams have a worse postseason bump playing at home.

Casual bettors tend to believe home field matters in baseball, but the data says it is not as important as the public thinks.

Rest vs. Rust

Seemingly every year in the MLB playoffs, a team will make quick work of its series and then have to wait around for its next opponent. With extra time between games the surrounding conversation inevitably turns to “rest vs. rust.”