Saturday MLB Sharp Report: Cardinals-Reds, Twins-Rangers Lead Top Pro Bets

Saturday MLB Sharp Report: Cardinals-Reds, Twins-Rangers Lead Top Pro Bets article feature image

Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Jose Berrios

  • Sharp action has hit Saturday's MLB slate, with pros making moves on Cardinals-Reds and Twins-Rangers.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds

6:40 p.m. ET | Miles Mikolas (7-12, 4.13 ERA) vs. Anthony DeSclafani (7-7, 4.51 ERA)

As is usually the case, the over is drawing the majority of bets in tonight’s Cardinals-Reds matchup. Eighty-two percent of bettors have decided they’d rather root for hits and runs than ground balls and strikeouts.

Even with that massive majority on the over, however, oddsmakers have started to shift the line the other way.

Most books opened this total at 9.5 with an even -110 on both the over and under. Some even listed the over at -115. Now, though, it’s the under seeing the minus-money payout, as sharps are among the 18% of under bettors have convinced oddsmakers to drop the under to -120.

That 18% backing has accounted for 36% of actual money being wagered, meaning bigger bettors — the ones more likely to be sharps — are banking on a low-scoring game.

Two Sports Insights Bet Signals (which indicate and record sharp action in the betting market) have triggered moves on the under at 9.5, coming at +100 and -105 juice.

Sharp angle: Under 9.5 (moved from -105 to -120)

Minnesota Twins vs. Texas Rangers

8:05 p.m. ET | Jose Berrios (10-6, 3.29 ERA) vs. Ariel Jurado (6-8, 5.31 ERA)

A very similar story is taking place before tonight’s Twins-Rangers game, though this one is coming down on the moneyline rather than the total.

Only 20% of bettors have taken the Rangers, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering the 14 games separating the two clubs. However, those bettors are generating nearly half (49%) of actual money being wagered on this moneyline.

Confirming the sharp action, SI Bet Signals have lit up three moves on the Rangers, coming at lines ranging from +150 to +140.

Texas has gone from +150 to +140 since opening.

Sharp angle: Rangers (moved from +150 to +140)

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