Marky’s Tuesday Forecast: Scattered Showers Across the Country

Marky’s Tuesday Forecast: Scattered Showers Across the Country article feature image

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports. Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Heath Fillmyer (49) pitches against the Chicago Cubs in the first inning at Kauffman Stadium.

  • Six games have chances of rain this evening with the worst being in Kansas City.
  • Twelve of tonight's 13 outdoor games have Weather Ratings of 55 or higher.

Tonight is a double whammy. There are lots of good hitting conditions in addition to many chances of rain. However, they’re mostly decent hitting conditions and low risks of rain … so nothing too crazy, I guess.

Our Weather Rating distills the hitter-friendliness for a particular game into one number. It is a proprietary Fantasy Labs model and shown on a scale of 0 to 100. The Weather Rating does not account for potential rainouts; rather, it simply examines all relevant atmospheric conditions (temperature, altitude, wind speed, humidity, and so on) to determine how batted-ball distance will be impacted.

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Diamondbacks at Rangers: 78
  • White Sox at Tigers: 69
  • Blue Jays at Royals: 69

Yesterday was nice and cool in Texas, and by cool I mean in the 80s. That helped bring the rating down into the mid-60s, and the game ultimately ended up going under the closing total of 9.5. Tonight is a bit more normal for sure, as the temps will begin near 90 and drop into the mid-80s as the game goes on. The total remains at its opener of 10.

The game in Detroit will also start out near 90 degrees but will have more of a precipitous drop into the upper 70s by the time 10 p.m. ET comes around. Winds blowing out to left will also boost the rating. The total has remained at 9, but looks to be on its way toward 9.5 considering the -120 over juice.

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Kansas City takes the third spot on the list, but is one of many games that could be plagued by rain. This game also remains at its opener of 9, but is receiving a surprisingly huge amount of support on the under at 71% of tickets. All aboard the Heath Fillmyer train, am I right?

Lowest Weather Ratings

  • Mariners at Athletics: 41

The Oakland game is a near carbon copy of yesterday’s matchup and sits well below every other game on the slate in terms of Weather Ratings. Of the other 12 outdoor games this evening, each one currently has a rating above 55. The 7.5 total is the second-lowest of the day behind the Rockies-Astros game.

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There are lots of chances for rain around the country tonight. Nothing too troubling in terms of potential postponements, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one delay considering all the different possibilities.

  • Rays at Yankees:  Rain ended up not playing a factor last night. There’s another shot of rain tonight, but the chances are highest before first pitch and dwindle once the game is set to start.
  • Red Sox at Phillies: Likely earlier in the game than later.
  • Mets at Orioles: Similar to Philly, but this game has a higher chance of storms early on and a higher chance of a late start or delay.
  • Nationals at Cardinals: Some chances at quick pop-up storms throughout the game.
  • Blue Jays at Royals: This may very well be the most likely shot at a delay. A couple of different sources are showing fairly high chances of thunderstorms right around first pitch, so Mr. Fillmyer may be waiting around for a bit. The chances of storms go way down at around 9 p.m. local.
  • Pirates at Twins: Probably the safest of these six games.