The NBA trade deadline arrives Thursday at 3 p.m ET and there’s already been more activity than expected. The Blake Griffin trade opened things up and the Cavaliers’ meltdown has widened possibilities for both Cleveland and their competitors.

But who will actually be on the move? posted odds for the following players to be traded (or not): DeAndre Jordan, Hassan Whiteside, George Hill, Isaiah Thomas, Rodney Hood, and Derrick Favors. Let’s take a look at each situation and see if we can find any value.

All odds as of Monday afternoon.

Will DeAndre Jordan be traded before the trade deadline 2018?

Yes: +189
No: -254

This one’s fascinating. Jordan is an unrestricted free agent this summer if he opts out, and if the Clippers are going to lose him, they need to get something in return. Otherwise, they’ll have to go kidnap him again. Without Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, I don’t know if they have the personnel.


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