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Pointless James Harden Foul Mooses Under Bettors

May 15, 2018 12:13 AM EDT

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Highlights

  • Many bettors had the Warriors-Rockets Game 1 under 224/224.5.
  • With the shot clock off and the Warriors leading 117-106 (223 total points) with the ball, under bettors felt like they had a winner.
  • Then James Harden decided to cause widespread panic among total bettors everywhere — even for those who bet under 226.

A Chris Paul layup cut the Warriors’ lead to 117-106 with 21.4 seconds left. With  the shot clock now off, Game 1 of the Western Conference finals was over to most, but not for some total bettors.

With the total sitting at 224/224.5 for extended stretches since opening, even those who bet the under at less than 225 still had to feel safe. No way would the Rockets foul. This isn’t college basketball. This is the NBA playoffs. The Warriors would dribble it out and every under ticket would cash, right? How could the game possibly go over the total?


That’s how. What on God’s green earth was James Harden thinking? Of course, Andre Iguodala drained both free throws to push the total up to 225, crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone holding an under 224/224.5 ticket and causing a painful push at 225 for many others.

Harden didn’t stop there, though. He was eager to ruin every under ticket, including those who got it at 225.5/226.


The Beard trolling bettors nationwide. Fitting that on the day the sports gambling ban was lifted by the Supreme Court, the Rockets provided a great example of a moose for bettors just starting out. Get used to it, newbies!

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