Twenty-one dimes. You can change that in for a $2 bill and still have one dime left over. Although Rajon Rondo can’t shoot to save his life, “Playoff Rondo” can still find ways to make a difference. And if he can do it again today, we may have ourselves somewhat of a series, folks.

Meanwhile, the Rockets just took any hope the Jazz had and smashed it into a thousand little grains of salt. If the Jazz don’t win Game 4 … they’re cooked. Here’s what we need to pay attention to for the two games out west today. — Mark Gallant

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Golden State Leads 2-1

3:30 p.m. ET | ABC

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What the metrics say: The Warriors in Game 3 were very unlike themselves, scoring only 84.9 points per 100 possessions in the half court (per Cleaning the Glass) and posting an atrocious 42.9% effective field goal mark. So was that just fluky? Or can that happen again? The answer is a bit of both.

Take a look at how the Dubs shot on 3-pointers depending on how close the defender was to the shooter:

  • 2-4 feet (tight): 1-for-12 (8.3%)
  • 4-6 feet (open): 2-for-8 (25.0%)
  • 6+ feet (wide open): 5-for-9 (55.6%)

On one hand, they were probably a bit unlucky on open shots, hitting just 25% of them. On the other hand, they took a ton of contested ones, and per Cleaning the Glass only two of their 31 three-pointers were the uber-efficient corner-3 variety. The Warriors are the Warriors, and Stephen Curry and Co. can go nuclear at any time, but the Pelicans defense does deserve credit here. — Bryan Mears

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